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His business is still on, and still at the same spot I reached Trichy city after the eventful trip in the dinky buses. There was a time I used to call this city my home – when I was this little schoolboy bemused with his first pimple on the cheek, clad in maroon uniform shorts […]

When you board a dinky crowded bus that wouldn’t go faster than a forty, shakes the life out of you every time it changed gear, sit beside a window that won’t open more than half, have four men seated in a three-seater with six bags under the footrest, you know you are up to experience […]

It was quite late at night, when I stepped out from the Meenambakkam airport to be greeted by a swarm of auto-wallahs pushing against themselves in search of, possibly, their last customer of the night and a sudden smack of gripping heat that slapped against my face. The latter reinstating the arrival of Chennai city. […]

Nothing refreshes your soul like a good long travel. And it’s another way of reinstating to yourself, how less you’ve known about the world and its people all this while. This trip to Columbus has been a pleasant one. Though now confined only to mental images of picture postcards – the bone numbing cold touching a […]

It was only when somebody walked up to our table, while we were having lunch, that we knew of the Winter Storm warning having been issued across the city. The morning snow was heavy – six inches expected, and Freezing Rain forecast for the afternoon, which forced offices and schools to shut down early for […]

Remember those first few seconds after you were born? That’s when the world dissolves from that hysteric haze into a pattern of familiar real world entities. And when I woke up this morning, it felt just like that. The images around me dissolving and merging in the first few seconds of opening my eyes, until […]

Lesson 1: When in New York, Walk! That’s the only way you can get the complete glimpse of this wonderful city. Be it the breathtaking skyscrapers or the amazing diversity in culture, New York is one city you’ll never stop loving. Where the twin towers once stood So after a ten hour drive from Columbus, […]