Cold, Hot and Warm…


I’ve read in fables and fairytales of hobbits and angels being blessed with soft pellets of snow falling from the sky. But it took me till last Wednesday morning to have my first ever feel of snow.

It seemed a typical winter morning of the west. That was until I peeped out of the window in my room. Tiny white balls of irregular shapes drifting down from the sky, as if you were actually watching blessings being showered upon this world. The snow balls quivered gently, sparkled by the mild crack of sunlight that played hide and seek all through the day, as they glided between the winds and finding their resting place over the dewy green grass. It was a morning of utter beauty. There’s more beauty to nature than we may even realize, and the Wednesday morning was a perfect example of that.

If you thought that was wonderful, then here’s something that made me revel in pleasure. Three days later, we drove off to – hold your breath – Udupi restaurant. Yep! You read that right. And even while I restrained myself from jumping up and down and off my seat watching the items in the menu, I was literally drooling over the prospect of eating all those items that I’m used to eating at home.

So there you go – two hot Sambhar Vadas, a steaming hot bowl of Tomato Soup, a hotter bowl of Bisi-Bele bath, some Coconut rice, shared Poori Channa, Puliogare and Lime Rice from my mates. And topped it all with a cup of filter coffee with a highly concentrated decoction. Bliss!

It was a home, away from home. The restaurant was filled with a lot of Indians and a few Americans as well. The city has a fairly large Indian community, a number of them being students at the Ohio State University. That evening, we shopped at The passage to India – an Indian store that sells everything from Parachute coconut oil and Ponds talcum powder to MTR instant mixes and videos of latest Indian movies. And the kind old lady at the stall gave us a complimentary box of Chilli pickle, fellow country-mate sentiments and all those nice things.

The weather has been pretty cold. Much colder than conditions back home. But sometimes twelve thousand miles doesn’t seem as far. It’s just as far as a few warm words and a warm smile. It’s a small world after all.


8 Responses to “Cold, Hot and Warm…”

  1. loved the last para, especially. Nicely done :)

  2. Snowfall and decoction coffee after hot vada and bisibelebath – can the world get better? Enjoi maadi.

  3. 3 Shanae

    Yeah..yeah..You have the right number…just been uber busy lately…I got your voice mail! :)))) I’ll try to call you sometime tonight…or something. It’s just been really crazy these past few days. BYE! :)

  4. Kishore, I am sure you are enjoying… Snow is such a fascinating thing…

  5. Your writing style is getting better and better.
    I am in Bangalore but by the way you explained, I really felt like having vadas.

  6. Well, I am in Delhi, and such a breakfast is also not easy to get here. My mouth watered when I read the description.

  7. 7 Kishore

    Shub, Usha, Pradeep,
    Thanks! :)

    I’ll wait..

    Arunima, Ashish,
    Come and have some..

  8. I know exactly how it feels to see a indian restaurant amidst all those Mc Donalds ,BurgerKing ,KFC ..

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