Travel Tales: Chennai


It was quite late at night, when I stepped out from the Meenambakkam airport to be greeted by a swarm of auto-wallahs pushing against themselves in search of, possibly, their last customer of the night and a sudden smack of gripping heat that slapped against my face. The latter reinstating the arrival of Chennai city.

Chennai has never disappointed me. Be it the young girls adorned with jasmine flowers, or the rushing office goers commuting on the footboard of dusty green buses, the auto-wallahs who never switch their meter on but nevertheless always have one, the ecstatic and aromatic beaches, the erstwhile conservative outlooks that some say is changing of late – albeit slower than the snail next door, the Central Station that still radiates the nostalgic remains of the past, the gripping sticky sweaty heat that is sure to engulf you like you are out of a steam sauna.

More so, when you are just coming from a bone numbing cold weather of -24 degree Celsius in Columbus. It was only over 48 hours ago, that I was wrapping myself in multiple layers of woolen clothing over a thermal wear and topping it all with heavy jacket – all to counter the heavy snowfall and the cold wind that cut across the face. And here I was, wearing the thinnest possible tee and a jean, and already wiping the sweat off my face becoming more restless by the minute to seek refuge in the guest house.

Thirty minutes later, I checked into the guest house where I would be spending the next few weeks. The AC in the guest house was, ironically, warming. A much needed relief from the sultry outside weather, even at that time of the night. After spending the past few months warming our Columbus apartment to over thirty degree Celsius, it now seemed time to cool down, as I set the temperature to 18 degrees. Brick walls and carpet-less floors made sure the cold permeated all over the place unlike the wooden homes of the colder hemisphere that restrict the movement of cold.

Now that I am in Chennai, there are a few things I should keep in mind. Like, I’ll have to endure the 1.5 hour journey to my workplace (where, my mobile – which has a local connection now – often slips into roaming automatically for god knows what reasons) from the guest house, if I miss the morning bus I could only hope to make it to work in time for lunch, there will not be any high-speed wireless connectivity which was my lifeline in Columbus. And the foremost being – never sit next to a woman in the city’s buses. Because, in this city, you are not allowed to.

This begins the last leg of my travel episodes which began last September in this very city. As they say, what goes around comes around.


5 Responses to “Travel Tales: Chennai

  1. I hope you withstood the change in climate and jet lag well… take care

  2. 2 usha

    Welcome back!
    Is it true that you are NOT ALLOWED to sit next to a girl in a bus? is it a rule?

  3. 3 Taks

    Woah … thats sure an extreme change to undergo within 48 hrs … from -20 deg C to +30 deg C.
    “This begins the last leg of my travel episodes” … why why ? are you done with travelling ? Not at all ! I feel this is just a short & warm stop, before some other corner of Planet Earth invites you over :-)

  4. 4 Kishore

    Thanks Pradeep, and you too!

    Thanks! :)
    Not illegal. But sure is immoral, or something like that. Not surprising, when you consider it’s the same city whose Comissioner of Police came out on press once to say he’ll put behind bars if he sees girls wearing jeans!

    Thanks! :) I’m hoping so too. May some exciting corner of Planet Earth invite me over.. :)

  5. well this is useful… (at least for me)

    very thanks

    travel directory

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