Curtains Columbus…


Nothing refreshes your soul like a good long travel. And it’s another way of reinstating to yourself, how less you’ve known about the world and its people all this while.

This trip to Columbus has been a pleasant one. Though now confined only to mental images of picture postcards – the bone numbing cold touching a low of -24 degree Celsius (which for some strange reason I might actually miss), the snowy mornings, gloves in my fingers, the jacket that I’ve worn more times during my stay here than I ever did since buying it, the apartment rooms heated to over seventy degree Fahrenheit and quickly converting every Fahrenheit number into the more familiar Celsius scale while looking at the weather report every morning – all captured into the black and white albums of memory.

An unforgettable trip to New York City during the early days of my stay here, and how I was in awe of that wonderful city. A few new friends and many acquaintances. Some would stay in touch, while some would pass like another flash of lightning through the sky of life. All those times together with new people from so many different cultures only indicating that the world is far too diverse than one can ever imagine. They too become confined into the black and white picture postcards, that, in times of solitary retrospection, I would flip through to admire what good old past it was.

I did the customary shopping, a bit of packing to go, the papers and tickets, a Woody Allen to read during the travel, exchanging parting pleasantries with people I’ve been interacting with. And as do all things change and move, so do I move on to the next episode.

Tomorrow afternoon – Eastern Standard Time – I’ll be on my way to the Columbus Airport. Another episode of the future beckons from twelve thousand miles away and I shall step into it. Adios America. Until next time.


8 Responses to “Curtains Columbus…”

  1. Glad you enjoyed the trip. Ohio is my home state. You might miss the cold you said…you crazy? LOL

  2. Good to know that you enjoyed the trip. Travel is so educative, is it not?

  3. Welcome back:)

  4. another flash of lightning through the sky of life:)
    The world’s far too diverse than one can imagine? Far too similar than one can imagine as well.

  5. 5 Shanae

    You’re leaving????

  6. 6 Kishore

    Yep! :)
    I’ll never get such a weather in India. :)

    True, Pradeep. There’s always something new to learn everytime.

  7. 7 Kishore

    Thanks! :)

    Hmmm.. point taken.

    Yep! Where are you?

  8. Where will you be heading next ? … maybe travel Eastward from India … Singapore ? Sydney ?
    Same here … give me the cold weather – anyday better than the heat in India :-) … even though, I do not want the snow part of it too much; even though there is no place more wonderful than India.

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