Writers Tag: The War Between Bonnie & Billy – Part 2


This is a tagged continuation of the The War Between Bonnie & Billy – Part 1, at JustOrdinary.

The clock ticked past midnight, as her painted fingers reached for some tissue and shred them into the tiniest bits. Bonnie sat upright on the bed, her face resting on her bent knees and half-closed eyes still strolling its way through the disturbed comforters, the moist pillows lying one on top of the other, and a lock of hair fluttering in front of her eyes in the noiseless wind from the ceiling fan.

They made love that day, as they did every day. He was as passionate and never hesitated to show his love for her. In their most intimate moment she had a strange urge to reach out to him. She stroked his back with her fingers and felt his breath. She tugged him close to her and felt the warmth of his manly presence. He pulled her closer and let her bury her face between his arms. And he kept telling her how much he loved her.

Then he got up and moved across the bed to reach out for his belt. He had spent a particularly long time in buying the belt with an extra-large buckle attached to a protruding metal flap for a rugged feel that would suit his oversized Cargo Pants well, and also inflict a good deal of pain when he would hit her. He grabbed the belt and slashed it across her back as she fell on the bed unconscious with one stroke. She didn’t know what happened next. Probably he hit her more, because now that she was awake she felt more pain. Or probably he just made more love.

She continued strolling her eyes around the bed until it halted the moment they fell upon him. He was fast asleep, his back towards her, resting his palm under his ears. She could feel the mild rise and fall of his back with every breath.

She wanted to reach out to him, this time to press her fingers on his back so hard that her full grown nails would pierce his back and blood would ooze out through the shape her fingers made on his back. And she would move the fingers across his back tearing his flesh, tracing a distinct outline like creating a modern art, like what she used to see in the Museum of Art and Painting in her childhood days. She would create a work of art; an artwork made of blood and skin – his blood and her skin; one she would claim as her masterpiece, a dedication to her love.

She moved across the bed, shuffling the pillows to the other side, bent lower over him and kissed him on his shoulder.

* For the next part of the story, I tag Amrita. Am, take over!


7 Responses to “Writers Tag: The War Between Bonnie & Billy – Part 2”

  1. VERY NICE!!!

  2. 2 Tanay

    Kishore, yep did read your post and the one by Justordinary and the link has been passed on to Amrita now. Will watch out for it. Ams, come on….

    Just taking the baton ahead, in my words.

    She collapses with her arms around him, her breasts warm against his, diffident as to what had happened. Boonie then sings, her lips moving in broken notes like the opening of a creaky door. Billy couldn’t make a word out of it. She was impregnable and passionate, as well as unwary. As soon as the soprano in her voice ended “O Dear Billy,” the manly voice sounds “sucking creepy” Very loud and choppy, tackier than the whip from my belt.

    She still snuggles him, tugging at his beard, and his acerbic cigarette smell reminded her of the first date they had.

    Suddenly she falls from her bed, and starts vomiting until only the yellow bile comes out and clears her sore throat. Her face, saturnine and swarthy, her sensual lips, twisted with disdain, her breath smelly, and green rings around her eyes. Billy stands near the window overlooking the city’s skyline, with a bottle of booze in his hand.

    Did fate work a way too fast, spryer than he had expected.

  3. so many things have been happening in my absense. I have so many tags to catch up with. Thank God, you are not passing this on tome. It might just stop there. Enjoyed catching up.

  4. 4 Amrita

    Okay, so it’s up :)

  5. Read each of the tags, what a twist in each part! Great post.

  6. The very root of your writing while sounding agreeable in the beginning, did not work perfectly with me personally after some time. Someplace throughout the paragraphs you actually were able to make me a believer unfortunately just for a very short while. I still have got a problem with your leaps in assumptions and you might do well to help fill in all those gaps. When you actually can accomplish that, I would definitely end up being impressed.

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