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This is a tagged continuation of the The War Between Bonnie & Billy – Part 1, at JustOrdinary. The clock ticked past midnight, as her painted fingers reached for some tissue and shred them into the tiniest bits. Bonnie sat upright on the bed, her face resting on her bent knees and half-closed eyes still […]

Even as she lay cuddled with a coo in my arms, I knew Lizzy was already an individual in every sense of the word, and I would have to learn to let go of her someday, albeit painstakingly, although she was born of me. Nevertheless, I couldn’t wait for my Lizzy to grow up, so […]

I decided we’ll meet at the airport. I packed a pack of chips, a bottle of orange crush, some steamed rice, the Miss You greeting card carefully placed in a flowery envelope with nothing written over it, and drove to the airport. We had promised we would never meet again. That was one day of […]

He cringed his eyelids after sunlight struck his eyes. After years in darkness, the streak of a bright summer morning sun made him wince and stand still until his eyelids adjusted to the light. The road appeared long and broad, with petty shops and tall buildings, more dusty than when he had stood at that […]

He walked into the wreck, stepping carefully over the debris. The dust of eroded wood was strewn all over the floor. There was a pungent smell of spoilt food and something else that smelt like dead rats. The cockroaches were alive and moving, just as only they could. He moved carefully, bending and sliding beside […]

Don’t you love mornings? The rising sun, chirping birds, waking afresh, the proverbial morning rush to work, the brightness. Mornings are where the life happens. A sign that things are going to be great soon. The brighter side of living. And all those quotes – After the darkness comes the light. The dawn of a […]

I let him do what he likes. Today, I let him weep. The flight was delayed by four hours. But having been used to waiting, I sat at the visitor’s lounge, moving not until I saw him come down the escalator. After we greeted with our silence, I took him – as he followed me […]