Travel Tales: Columbus, Ohio


After bathing for almost three months in the glorious sunshine of the sweltering Chennai heat, switching to a temperature of minus eight degree celsius is not the most wonderful of things in this world. But on this other side of the world, where I would find myself hovering over the next few months of my travel episodes, this is but the order of the day.

I landed at my last transit still giggling under my tummy reading and re-reading lines from Woody Allen’s Without Feathers. And I heard from the locals there was a snowstorm the previous evening and the airport (which until not long ago, was the world’s busiest) was closed. Apparently, I had just managed to escape it. After partially refreshing myself with a cold coffee whose name was so hard to pronounce that I had to point my finger at the menu item while placing my order at a Starbucks outlet, I boarded a rather tiny United aircraft and slipped into a sleep the moment I fastened the seat belts.

Seventy (or so, I guess) minutes later, I was woken by a screeching thud and a banging thump on my back and peeped through the corner of the eye into the dark but lighted sky outside the window. The lights seemed to merge into a murky pattern and recede into a strange oblivion. There was a sudden frenzy of frantic activity as people around me began bustling around unbuckling the seatbelts and pulling out their baggages. I thought I was having a dream until through the tiny opening in the corner of my eyes, I saw the yellow incandescent light and a number of people in motion all around. My eyes were still sulking after the 24 hour travel across the world, that closing my eyes was the biggest bliss I could hope for in that moment.

Not all hopes in life are realized, and so I finally surrendered to the inevitability of movement – of unbuckling myself and moving off my seat and heading to the exit – eyes still half open. The first bite of cold that ripped across my face wasn’t all that bad. “Cold huh?”, I muttered until I reached our apartment. And later that night, I was out with my apartment-mates to buy me comforters, pillow and all those instant needs of early morning gratification. And that’s when the freezing cold wind ripped through my cheeks and pierced my ears, giving me a taste of what winter feels like in some parts of the world.

We got home soon, into the comforts of a heater, thereby saving myself from being etched into a frozen eternity, like it used to happen to those wooly mammoths. Ah, wool. Wool, is what I need all through my stay. It would be my closest companion during the course my stay in this part of the world, and without which life would be impossible.

The travel adventures continue. It is said, a journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. Mine went past twelve thousand miles, and the first few fair steps have been taken. May we live in interesting times.


6 Responses to “Travel Tales: Columbus, Ohio

  1. Amen!

  2. “May we live in interesting times.”

    and live it to the fullest.

    Enjoy the trip.

  3. Enjoy your trip…. I actually miss the snow and the dry bone-jarring cold.

    I know , I must sound crazy… :) but I do miss it.

  4. Have a nice time. Looking forward to your posts.

  5. 5 Shanae

    Dude, you’re here in the US and you haven’t even called me??? Psssshhh! :-P I’ll remember that! punk.

  6. 6 Kishore



    Brrrr.. its cold…

    Thanks. :)

    Dudette, I did call you and it takes me to voicemail. Didja give me the right number?

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