Eight-Thing Thingy…


This doesn’t happen often, but I’ve been held to the ground with a tri-tag. DG, Amrita and Tanay have all tagged me and I’m supposed to blow my own trumpet with eight random facts about myself and tag eight other unsuspecting victims in the process. So, here are my eight nothings.

1. I’m lazy to the core. But I tend to get hyperactive to hide the fact that I’m lazy.

2. I eat a lot. Especially junk food. A “Sweets at my desk” email that someone at my workplace sends out to the rest of the team always has a post-script “FCFS, before Kishore finishes it.” My 66 kilo weight or my stature is no indication of how much I eat. But oh, I eat a lot.

3. I have a bad brain. And an awkward memory. I can more-or-less-precisely remember what I was doing this day last year, the previous year. And with a little effort, the previous-previous-year too. But I forgot to pay my credit card bills, which was due yesterday. And I was supposed to have taken a conference call last night, and I should have sent a mail to the team this morning, and…

4. At my workplace, I use the word ‘Amazing’ so much, that people have begun to associate the word with me just as they associate the morning with a sun rise. Once, A, replied to some mail from E with a single word “Amazing”. E replied back to A, “Kishore, what are you doing at A’s desk?”. See what I mean? If that is not weird enough, then take this – I hardly ever use that word outside of my workplace. Amazing, right?

5. I can watch Cartoon Network all day long (except when there is a cricket match on TV).

6. I love Dilbert and Calvin and Hobbes. My work cubicle is filled with Dilbert cartoon strips and I have a Vista Gadget on my work PC which shows a random C&B strip when clicked.

7. I love creeping people out. And this one might just do that – I was born with a full grown tooth!

8. Now that I’ve probably creeped you out, I’m back to being my lazy self and don’t know what to write for the eighth point.

Tag time now. I tag Jax, Mahen, Arunima, Neels, Shub, Vidya, Sanny, Prat.


8 Responses to “Eight-Thing Thingy…”

  1. 1 Amrita

    Hee hee, you were born with a full grown tooth?
    And um, I hate to tell you this but DG tagged you on a completely different one from tanay and me. :D thus proving your bad memory cred.

  2. 2 DG

    Damn! I was just about to tell him that and watch him squirm before you beat me to it, Ams!

    yeah Kishmis h- bi-way tag. Where’s the answers to my tag then???

  3. hehehe cool post buddy :)

  4. 4 prat


  5. 5 shub

    Can believe the eating part, somehow. Amazing :P

  6. 6 Taks

    hmm … nice & interesting post. u say that u love sweets … & that u were born with a full grown tooth. i m sure it was what they call a ‘sweet tooth’ :-)

  7. 7 WhizKid


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