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In the age where our most inner and intimate matters have been commoditized by corporations, it’s no surprise that sex is being used as a tool to sell products. Many critics of popular culture use the adage “sex sells” to justify the means. Well, though there may be some truth in it, it’s disgusting if […]

The year was 2002. The day was November 18. And I had just woken up into a warm Monday morning cooled by the humming Air Conditioners within the confines of my room at Hotel Poonja International in Mangalore. I lay motionless in the bed listening to my watch ticking the seconds off counting down to […]

“We take your fun seriously”. The caption of BrewHaha was apt to describe the meeting of Bangalore Bloggers. Over forty bloggers from varied professional backgrounds, some with a copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (one of them actually queued at Blossoms even before the sun rose for the day) tucked under their arms […]

The monsoon rain is dashing outside in this late night hour, as I sit beside a thick volume of The Shadow of the Wind turned to page 143 and gazing at the line I just finished reading. Everything on that page spoke of another time: the strokes that depended on the ink-pot, the words scratched […]

“The show tries to see the other India – the corporate circle, and what it thinks of politics and the upcoming elections,” Barkha Dutt told me when I stumbled on her, while she was waiting in our office cafeteria to interview the then chairman of our company. That was three years back, when opinions of […]

It was Wednesday night. The summer rains accompanied by lightning and thunder were playing their music outside, while I tried to login into desicritics. I called up Aaman when I realized I couldn’t login. “Some server issue, Phillip’s on it”, he told me. Twelve hours later – a chill running down our spine – we […]

The tag thing is up again, and this time on a rather serious note. After Am started it, DG tagged me in her Feminism in a desi setting post, and here I go with my take. From email forwards to movies, there has been a pattern of trivializing the opposite gender in the name of […]