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Unpoem: Words


On days you try to do something and end up doing nothing. But then, isn’t doing nothing also a kind of doing something? Like the Oracle says in The Matrix, isn’t not making a choice also a choice? So I set out to write a poem and end up writing an unpoem. This is not […]

Oh Kids


I knew he was thinking. Pondering such simple truths, as Why is the ball round? Or, Why is the sky blue? Searching answers he would get soon. Then, with all his shiny milky teeth He grinned at me, his face was aglow – That glow of the innocent. Giggling in part, and whining the rest […]



The day finally comes to an end. There’s the fatigue of a long and grueling work, and the wonder – how increasingly mechanical the daily routines have become of late. And there’s the bliss of sleep. Nothing compares a good sleep at the end of a long hard day. Good Night. Sleep Tight. A piece […]



It’s snowing. And a few words tumbling with the falling snow. I let them drop and bundle them into a tiny package. Now I start thinking what to name it. Sitting by the window on a snowy evening, may be? Because that’s what I’m doing? Nope. That’s exclusive of Mr. Frost. May be I’ll just […]



And then there are days like these when certain sidelined fragments of your memory suddenly wake up and linger all through the clichéd morning to the time when you make yourself comfortable snuggling under your comforter. And on one such day she resisted her urge to snuggle from the cold, to scribe the fragments into […]

Dedicated to all those who lost their lives in the Mumbai Blasts.  I would smear my hair Saffron, white and green and whistle every time India won. Just like you. I would stand long queues to the first show of every new movie. Just like you. I would run from my math lessons and the […]

I sit with my laptop safe on my lap. Chevaliers De Sangreal playing on the Media Player. Lots of thoughts, ideas, news and opinions to write about. And I stumble on the infamous Writer’s Block. Trying to convert my thoughts into words and type them into my laptop, all I manage is the Phantom Words. […]