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I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen the movie, Titanic, but I loved it every time. The love and the emotions besieging the ill-fated ship known as probably the biggest tragedy of those times, and the exemplary performance of the artists did make me awestruck. But on hindsight, I wonder what was it […]

The biggest challenge in making a movie that is heavily dependant on a lot of unknown history is introducing the context and the history behind all that context, so that one can get an idea of what is actually happening and why it is happening. But this is precisely the point where the movie falls […]

Finally, Jax managed to book tickets for The Da Vinci Code for this Sunday’s matinee. And despite very ordinary reviews for the movie, I’m quite keen in watching it. Well, I don’t see the reason behind people watching the movie expecting to see the same gripping interest the book held in them. It’s practically impossible to […]

1857. Barrackpore. Four messengers on an elephant back beside the banks of a bright sunlit river singing praises of the land, inspiring people to rise from their slumber, to admire the scrambled beauty that the medieval age was all about. Well, atleast that was the idea. In historical epics like Mangal Pandey, where one is […]

sarva dharman parityajya mam ekam saranam vrajah aham tvah sarva papebhyo mokshayisyami ma suchah [Abandon all your dharma and surrender unto Me. I shall deliver you from all sinful deeds. Do not fear.] If you have missed, that is what the Anniyan says everytime he goes about doing his stuff. The verses are from The […]

A conversation from Million Dollar Baby. Frankie: Stop that! Maggie: Why? What did I do wrong? Frankie: You did two things wrong. One, you asked a question. Two, you asked another question. Million Dollar Baby was beautiful. Somehow, I didn’t want Maggie to die. But then, if she had lived, the movie wouldn’t have got […]

Had been to this movie past Saturday evening with my cousin. There were two very good things about this movie. One, PVR. Two, a regular-size cup masala corn and Pepsi during the interval. Meet the Fockers. The movie could rather have been named Meet the Fuckers. Believe me, it would still have made perfect sense! […]