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Dedicated to all those who lost their lives in the Mumbai Blasts.  I would smear my hair Saffron, white and green and whistle every time India won. Just like you. I would stand long queues to the first show of every new movie. Just like you. I would run from my math lessons and the […]

For my dad…


A gentle wind sweeps past me and sings into my ears tales of the kind time of those joyful years of you and me. of tender strokes to my cheek waking me every morning of your breath over my wound healing me for the moment of the tight hugs bringing sleep to my sullen eyes […]

Memories linger like intermittent oasis in a barren stretch of a long arid desert. Stories of the past loitering through the thoughts, not failing to turn the thinking back into those times when inexplicable emotions ruled the roost. There is not a way to wipe them out with a simple swipe of the forehead, nor […]

You would have read about things in books. Watched in movies. Heard stories doing rounds every now and then. You hear all those twists in stories. You get surprised at the turn of events. You thought that was so sad for the star of the story to undergo such things. You thought he should have […]

This blog completes one year today. One year in the reckoning. A passionate quasi-emotional journey, still seeking an insight into the essential wholeness, completeness and the perfection of reality. A journey still searching to fulfill. Vacuums filled. But new ones searching to be filled. Longing wishes and craving emotions hoping and searching for that elusive […]

Lean on Love


Remember the first time your eyes fell upon that person, with a tiny tingle in your nerves and that smile which never shows up on your face even though you are all smiles and giggles inside. Or that little bit of animated talking to yourself, trying to visualize that person with naughty bits of assumptions […]

Soft, sticky, warm, calm. Alone but loneliness unknown. Active yet unseen. An identity descended as relationships started brewing. A first pang of pain, wet with what I would later learn as a tear, a blinding brightness, a shaken repose as I dragged out of my perpetual comfort into an expanse hitherto unimagined – my first […]