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One piece of memory that has lingered in me from my visit to New York City a few months earlier is a middle aged woman who sat under a skyscraper in a shady corner of Times Square clutching a tiny board in her weak hand, which read – I lost my job. I have two […]

Do you ask the Bank guy what caste he is before he dispenses your money? Do you ask the milk wala if he is upper caste or a lower caste before drinking the milk he brings? Do you ask your boss if he is from a downtrodden community? Do you refuse to have yourself interviewed […]

It was a good two minutes after the delicate strains of the thambura faded into my ears. Vocal chords still unable to wake from the waves of Revathi raagam and the mesmerizing voice of MS Subbulakshmi. Eyes closed in a deep trance staring into the invisible horizon. A physique frozen as though through eternity, conscious […]

Naam iruvarum serum samayam nam kaigalile varum imayam Naam thottadhu edhuvum amaiyum idhu anbaal inaindha idhayam idhu anbaal inaindha idhayamEn anbe.. aaruyire… en anbe aaruyir neeye En anbe.. aaruyire… en anbe aaruyir neeye [The mighty Himalayas shall be in our hands the moment we unite Every fortune shall be with us For, this is our […]



Ahale kalam aajao fithur mein thumko bulayey ahalullah Zikr se badke nahin amal koi hai farma yey rasul allah . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Har gul mein har bu mein Har shay mein noor ullah Har dhil mein har pal mein Rahe zikrein illallah . . […]

A beaut of a lyric from Kisna… I am looking for a reason To smile once again Through every changing season The pain I can't explain I see the magic all around Shining down on me With you my life would be so right If only it could beMay be this world is a mystery […]