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The year was 2002. The day was November 18. And I had just woken up into a warm Monday morning cooled by the humming Air Conditioners within the confines of my room at Hotel Poonja International in Mangalore. I lay motionless in the bed listening to my watch ticking the seconds off counting down to […]

“We take your fun seriously”. The caption of BrewHaha was apt to describe the meeting of Bangalore Bloggers. Over forty bloggers from varied professional backgrounds, some with a copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (one of them actually queued at Blossoms even before the sun rose for the day) tucked under their arms […]

Here’s a chance to catch up with all the faces you’ve known hitherto only through words. The Bangalore Bloggers meet is coming up on July 21st. Anybody interested in taking part or helping in organizing the meet, edit the exclusive wiki setup for the meet and add yourselves.    Date: July 21 Venue: BrewHaHa            Near […]

This week’s Monday morning smiles theme is Work-life. Some of those typical stuff that the work-life is composed of – where the trivial line between work and life is virtually non-existent; the “I work, therfore I live” generation. So there was this guy who was struck by love. I mean, so really really struck that it blew […]

This week’s Monday morning smiles theme is Numera Obsessa. There are these kinds of bosses who belong to the species called Numera Obsessa. The characteristic (correction: problem) of this species is that they are way too obsessive about numbers. They eat, sleep, drink and breathe numbers. And one such, mailed me just before our weekly […]

The WordPress Featured Blog of the week, for Life and Living.  The featured post is the New Year Monday morning smiles. Thank you, folks!

This week’s Monday morning smiles theme is Happy New Year. Over the last two days, every time I hopped around the blogosphere or opened my inbox,  I was greeted with a Happy New Year note. Here are some New Year wishes I got, and in brackets is what my first thoughts were when I read […]