Unpoem: Words


On days you try to do something and end up doing nothing. But then, isn’t doing nothing also a kind of doing something? Like the Oracle says in The Matrix, isn’t not making a choice also a choice? So I set out to write a poem and end up writing an unpoem. This is not a poem, these are just words.

This is not a poem
These are just words
That spilled over
One morning
When thoughts ran fast
And slipped down
The slippery cordons
Of untold dreams.

And words do spill
Sneaking away
Through spaces and periods
While you are busy
Those slipping thoughts
Sticking together
Falling alphabets.

What are words after all –
But dreams
Carved in Your language?
And so are these,
Those tiny fragments
Of the stuff
Your dreams are made off.

This is not a poem
These are just words
That spilled over.


5 Responses to “Unpoem: Words

  1. 1 Tanay

    dreams and words share inseparable relationship.

    To add my bit,

    dreams need words,
    like words need dreams,
    vision needs somebody,
    to make it real it seems,
    the world is a canvas,
    and you the power
    to paint the kind of picture,
    that holds those,
    alphabets steadfastly…..

    If A is a part of a set, then ~A is part of the superset, so its ok if an opinion falls in a set or a superset..To each his/her own. Definitely Oracle :) didn’t say this.

  2. 2 Kishore

    Awesome, Mate! That’s a wonderful sequel. :)
    Ya, and I know an email is pending. ;)

  3. 3 Taks

    hey dude, have a lot to catch up here @ ur blog. speaking of the Oracle reminds me that its been some while since i did my last re-run of “The Matrix” – gotta check if any of the channels here is airing it soon :-)
    loved your poem … even though you said that its not a poem but just words that spilled over. keep spilling such words

  4. That was an awesome Unpoem

  5. 5 Kishore

    Welcome back! :)

    Thanks. :) See you saturday.

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