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This doesn’t happen often, but I’ve been held to the ground with a tri-tag. DG, Amrita and Tanay have all tagged me and I’m supposed to blow my own trumpet with eight random facts about myself and tag eight other unsuspecting victims in the process. So, here are my eight nothings. 1. I’m lazy to […]

The monsoon rain is dashing outside in this late night hour, as I sit beside a thick volume of The Shadow of the Wind turned to page 143 and gazing at the line I just finished reading. Everything on that page spoke of another time: the strokes that depended on the ink-pot, the words scratched […]

This week’s Monday morning smiles theme is Work-life. Some of those typical stuff that the work-life is composed of – where the trivial line between work and life is virtually non-existent; the “I work, therfore I live” generation. So there was this guy who was struck by love. I mean, so really really struck that it blew […]

How would you feel if all the natural sights and sounds of your external world become mysterious and overloaded for your little mind to decipher? Or your skin feels a pang of irritation when a loved one tries to hug you? Or you are not sure if you have to feel happy or sad when […]

Unpoem: Words


On days you try to do something and end up doing nothing. But then, isn’t doing nothing also a kind of doing something? Like the Oracle says in The Matrix, isn’t not making a choice also a choice? So I set out to write a poem and end up writing an unpoem. This is not […]

“The show tries to see the other India – the corporate circle, and what it thinks of politics and the upcoming elections,” Barkha Dutt told me when I stumbled on her, while she was waiting in our office cafeteria to interview the then chairman of our company. That was three years back, when opinions of […]