Oh Kids


I knew he was thinking.
Pondering such simple truths, as
Why is the ball round? Or,
Why is the sky blue?
Searching answers he would get soon.

Then, with all his shiny milky teeth
He grinned at me, his face was aglow –
That glow of the innocent.
Giggling in part, and whining the rest
Coo-cooing some words
Jumbled in his own language.

I laughed and smiled, giggled at his whims
Spoke his language, and became a kid
for the moment. When it was time,
I left him to play
And stepped into the by lane, where
Time waited its warp.

As in time everything grows,
So will the kid learn and grow,
Into what the world calls an adult. And someday,
Come to the same place, and play with a kid
And wonder just as I did today –

What is it about kids
that always fills you with joy?
Is it their innocence
or a lost nostalgia of what you were?


3 Responses to “Oh Kids”

  1. very sweet post
    It must be the combination of beauty, innocence, pure love, having no worldly worries… and a whole lot of other things :)

  2. 2 Akhila

    Pure unadulterated innocence!!!!

  3. their innocence :)

    but i still can’t stand the brats

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