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Over there at IndieQuill, Amrita tags me and I have to come up with a list of Indian authors/books I’ve read or want to read. This list is by no means exhaustive and scares me when I look back – there’s too much to read and too little time (even completing one book per week is […]

I decided we’ll meet at the airport. I packed a pack of chips, a bottle of orange crush, some steamed rice, the Miss You greeting card carefully placed in a flowery envelope with nothing written over it, and drove to the airport. We had promised we would never meet again. That was one day of […]

His business is still on, and still at the same spot I reached Trichy city after the eventful trip in the dinky buses. There was a time I used to call this city my home – when I was this little schoolboy bemused with his first pimple on the cheek, clad in maroon uniform shorts […]

When you board a dinky crowded bus that wouldn’t go faster than a forty, shakes the life out of you every time it changed gear, sit beside a window that won’t open more than half, have four men seated in a three-seater with six bags under the footrest, you know you are up to experience […]

When you realize that a Chimpanzee differs from the humans by only around 500 genes and is not very different from the genetic composition of a severely autistic child, it is rather scary to realize how close Science has come to understanding the building blocks of life. Scary, because from what we know of our […]

Oh Kids


I knew he was thinking. Pondering such simple truths, as Why is the ball round? Or, Why is the sky blue? Searching answers he would get soon. Then, with all his shiny milky teeth He grinned at me, his face was aglow – That glow of the innocent. Giggling in part, and whining the rest […]