Returning to Clichés…


“Who will help solve my bugs”, “Who is taking over from you”, “Is he as good”, “Can I call you if I need help”, “Take care”. Those were some of the parting pleasantries I received from the team in the last few minutes of winding up my assignment and rushing to Meenambakkam. It’s been a longer travel than I expected. And in the final count, it feels good to know some people may actually miss you.

The past seven months have given me some interesting experiences. A hang of the Chennai heat, the biting winter cold in Columbus, the unforgettable visit to New York City (oh, I love that city), another short sweaty sleep-depriving stint at Chennai, and finally the fatigue getting the better of me. I reached past Friday midnight and didn’t move from the bed until this morning.

There have been some good memories to carry forward, engraved as tiny picture post cards – pictures that would remind me of the good times and some hard ones – that I would flip through in future, in times of solitary retrospection. Now, other things have to move on. I’ll have to rediscover my routines and get back to all my clichés, resume doing all that I didn’t because of the constraints excessive traveling pushes on you.

Well, atleast I wouldn’t have to worry where I would go for my next dinner, or how I would spend the next weekend. Or what book I would buy next – I would just hop into my library! I wouldn’t have to worry about remaining connected – my Inspiron would serve my needs. There is something soothing about clichés. And I’m back in the midst of more of it.

So after seven months of running around the world, it’s now time for some rest – as the earth continues to rotate on its axis, and men continue to walk on two feet.


3 Responses to “Returning to Clichés…”

  1. 1 Jax


  2. 2 Shanae

    Yo, I’m coming to Hyderabad in Decemberrrrr. :D Aren’t you excited???

  3. 3 Taks

    seven months of running around the world … you should not have run to all these places – you could have used the tools of a modern man – planes, trains :-)
    hey, just kidding, mate. have enough rest … take care !

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