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I could hear myself giggle above the soft instrumentals that enlivened the ambience at Crossword. Bill Bryson is always a joy to read. More so, when you are seated stretching your legs on the red cushioned chair in the Crossword reading lounge. The spectacled little kid sitting next to me flipping pages of a thick […]

It was Wednesday night. The summer rains accompanied by lightning and thunder were playing their music outside, while I tried to login into desicritics. I called up Aaman when I realized I couldn’t login. “Some server issue, Phillip’s on it”, he told me. Twelve hours later – a chill running down our spine – we […]

The tag thing is up again, and this time on a rather serious note. After Am started it, DG tagged me in her Feminism in a desi setting post, and here I go with my take. From email forwards to movies, there has been a pattern of trivializing the opposite gender in the name of […]

Mr. Annoyance


Have you ever been with the most annoying person in this world? I mean, it’s a large world with infinite possibilities and there has to be someone in this world who’s the most annoying of everyone. And there is every chance he works somewhere near my company, and his car breaks down and he commutes […]

Time and again there have been unknown faces that go unnoticed lost amidst the larger chaos of life. The simple emotions and passions of those common individuals, their fears and longings in such extraordinary times as a World War, remain concealed under the scars of a wartime. In this year’s Booker prize finalist, The Night […]

“Who will help solve my bugs”, “Who is taking over from you”, “Is he as good”, “Can I call you if I need help”, “Take care”. Those were some of the parting pleasantries I received from the team in the last few minutes of winding up my assignment and rushing to Meenambakkam. It’s been a […]