Oops, We Did It Again…


As the afternoon sun gave way to the evening gray-scale and the mild summer breeze tried to relieve all the sweat of another hot day, there was also a mad rush of vehicles; from rickshaws to cars to overcrowded buses prodding their way through chaotic traffic. From school kids to office goers to homemakers, a billion people were rushing home to get their grab on the Remote Control. After all, Team India was playing their most important match of Cricket’s biggest event.

Hours later they managed to grab their spot in front of their television sets, all set for another absorbing night of exciting cricket. The moment of reckoning. A billion hearts watching. And that moment marked the anticlimax of all anticlimaxes – Zaheer Khan started the proceedings with an enormous wide, that sent a chilling sense of déjà vu reminding them of what happened in the finals of the last World Cup – on this same day, March 23.  A billion hearts skipped a beat. Seven hours later, their worst fears came true. A billion hearts were broken.

The Indian team has one of the best balanced sides in the series. An excellent mix of class and aggression, youth and experience, and many of them have already been through at least one world cup campaign, but has never done complete justice to the talent. Every great team has an off-day once in a while when nothing goes its way and end up losing to one of the worse sides, but Team India seems to have an off-day a bit too often than any other. And it just happened that two of them turned out to be key World Cup matches.

This, in all probability, also happens to be the last occasion we are seeing the great Indian trio of Rahul, Sachin, and Sourav play in a World Cup. With countless number of records and words of such praise from legends like Sir Don Bradman, Sachin Tendulkar would end his career with an untold vacuum deep down in his heart – after over two decades of playing and being termed as the greatest cricketer of the present time, he would still not have The World Cup added to his repertoire of accolades.

So two of the worst sides that ever played the game, Ireland and Bangladesh, would be in the Super Eights. The next round already looks diluted because two great teams, India and Pakistan, had one too many ‘off-days’. There is not going to be any new case of minnows upsetting a grand team in this series. Well, don’t expect Australia and New Zealand to be as generous as India and Pakistan. Add to all of this, the fact that the Cricketing World has lost lost one of its greatest champions in Bob Woolmer, thanks to those senseless retards who knew not what they were up to, and you get a world cup that has already turned out to be a huge heartbreak.

Days into the big event, the game lost a great coach who started out coaching South Africa to become such world beaters and in the process, created a special place for himself in the annals of the game. May be, this game of glorious uncertainties has taken uncertainty a tad too far. May History never repeat itself, again.


7 Responses to “Oops, We Did It Again…”

  1. 1 Usha

    a billion people were rushing home to get their grab on the Remote Control – minus one who was happily lying with a book and music!

  2. 3 ranjini

    Minus too! Oh, offlate i have stopped watching the “TOO MUCH Cricket” these days ya.

  3. 4 Shanae

    Waaaaaaaa….I tried to call your number…and it didn’t go through. Could it be…that you’re back in India? :) lol Give me yo new number, ki! Miss you!

  4. 5 anonymous

    best balanced side??

  5. :o( .. Had a bought a new 29 inch TV for Dad’s bday wishing that Dad will enjoy the world cup on a big TV and see India winning…but alas…

  6. 7 subhashini

    I like the headline..

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