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As the afternoon sun gave way to the evening gray-scale and the mild summer breeze tried to relieve all the sweat of another hot day, there was also a mad rush of vehicles; from rickshaws to cars to overcrowded buses prodding their way through chaotic traffic. From school kids to office goers to homemakers, a […]

He cringed his eyelids after sunlight struck his eyes. After years in darkness, the streak of a bright summer morning sun made him wince and stand still until his eyelids adjusted to the light. The road appeared long and broad, with petty shops and tall buildings, more dusty than when he had stood at that […]

One piece of memory that has lingered in me from my visit to New York City a few months earlier is a middle aged woman who sat under a skyscraper in a shady corner of Times Square clutching a tiny board in her weak hand, which read – I lost my job. I have two […]



The day finally comes to an end. There’s the fatigue of a long and grueling work, and the wonder – how increasingly mechanical the daily routines have become of late. And there’s the bliss of sleep. Nothing compares a good sleep at the end of a long hard day. Good Night. Sleep Tight. A piece […]

It was quite late at night, when I stepped out from the Meenambakkam airport to be greeted by a swarm of auto-wallahs pushing against themselves in search of, possibly, their last customer of the night and a sudden smack of gripping heat that slapped against my face. The latter reinstating the arrival of Chennai city. […]