Two years, and Time Travelling


“Got wine?”, I asked. “Yes, sir” replied Ms. Pleasant Smile with an extra stress on the ‘s’ in ‘yes’, and poured me a glass. Five hours after Ms. Pleasant Smile served us breakfast in the flight, she was back with dinner (yep, dinner!). Cruising at 600 miles an hour, at 40,000 feet above sea level, outside temperature around -63 degree Fahrenheit (as displayed on the television), the day – 23rd of February – was shrinking and zooming past in front of my eyes as the flight split the skies somewhere above the European Union. That’s the thing with these time zones and the time-travelling long flights – a whole day goes past you in a few hours, even before you realize it (as if you were in a time machine).

And that is how I missed the day when All in a day’s work completed two years. The 23rd of February escaped my life amidst those puzzles that time threw upon me, during my long flight home from Columbus. Just like many other things zoom past our eyes, and even before we realize what is happening, they are gone forever.

So, that is how I find myself today. There is the jetlag that is keeping me awake in this wee hours, and the two years of writing in this little space I reserved for myself. It’s been a long two years. Some promises went unfulfilled, some people disappeared over the horizon, some have come ever closer. I’ve been doing some same old things, some new things, been a good boy and been a bad boy. But what has not changed is that, with every passing year, it always seems a completely different one ahead. Just when you get a teeny-weeny bit complacent of having seen it all, you instantly realize you have hardly begun.

Two years it is. And to all the dear friends that I made because of this space, thank you for being there! And to all those who cared to give a peek into a few mangled words in a grey tinted page – thank you for being somewhere around.

That accounts for two years. Now I just have the rest of my life to go. And if at all the nice people doing astronomy manage to build a time machine anytime in the future, I’m not going to board it.


8 Responses to “Two years, and Time Travelling”

  1. Two years, eh? Funny how time flies…

  2. 2 Akhila

    hey, back?? hmm.. time flies, couldnt agree more!! :)

  3. Wow … what a great way to celebrate the 2-year-anniversary of “all in a days Work” … “cruising at 600 miles an hour, at 40,000 feet above sea level “ … with a little Wine, some Woody Allen … & then add some Wonderful airline-food ;-)

    Keep the nice posts coming … no time-zones or few-thousand-miles can separate the readers from coming together on your blog !

  4. What about spotting this great old friend through your blog? *giggle*

  5. 5 Shanae

    I’m in jacked up Cairo….Midterms are coming up…yepyep.

  6. That’s so cool! Congrats and keep writing :)

  7. 7 usha

    :) Here’s to many more years of happy blogging!

  8. 8 Kishore

    Jax, Akhila,
    Hmm, time flies, no?

    Taks, Srividya, Usha,
    Thanks! :)

    Will I ever forget that?

    Good luck for midterms!

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