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“Got wine?”, I asked. “Yes, sir” replied Ms. Pleasant Smile with an extra stress on the ‘s’ in ‘yes’, and poured me a glass. Five hours after Ms. Pleasant Smile served us breakfast in the flight, she was back with dinner (yep, dinner!). Cruising at 600 miles an hour, at 40,000 feet above sea level, […]

Nothing refreshes your soul like a good long travel. And it’s another way of reinstating to yourself, how less you’ve known about the world and its people all this while. This trip to Columbus has been a pleasant one. Though now confined only to mental images of picture postcards – the bone numbing cold touching a […]

It was only when somebody walked up to our table, while we were having lunch, that we knew of the Winter Storm warning having been issued across the city. The morning snow was heavy – six inches expected, and Freezing Rain forecast for the afternoon, which forced offices and schools to shut down early for […]

He walked into the wreck, stepping carefully over the debris. The dust of eroded wood was strewn all over the floor. There was a pungent smell of spoilt food and something else that smelt like dead rats. The cockroaches were alive and moving, just as only they could. He moved carefully, bending and sliding beside […]

Windows Vista, the successor to our old pal, Windows XP, has been officially released. And Sunidhi Chauhan is going to sing the official song of Windows Vista India Launch – Wow is Now. Apparently, you are supposed to feel the heat and get all excited about it. But does a launch of this magnitude create […]