Virginia Woolf


She was born this day 125 years ago. Happy Birthday, Ms. Woolf! And not very long ago I read her absolutely wonderful novel Mrs. Dalloway. Written in the stream of consciousness style – where the novel is narrated as the written equivalent of the character’s thought process – it’s one of such books which will always remain close to your heart.

The novel is more than a sheer literary delight. There is one line in particular, in the last page, about a rather insignificant character and quite an insignificant line in the context of the entire novel, but left me with a rather hollow feeling. It’s something like this – Ellie Henderson, Mrs. Dalloway’s poor cousin, has been invited to her party. And she’s introduced thus,

It was an event to her, going to a party. It was quite a treat just to see the lovely clothes.

Later (in the last page), Mrs. Dalloway’s party has just got over and all the invited visitors (which includes the Prime Minister) are leaving her house.

Even Ellie Henderson was going, nearly last of all, though no one had spoken to her, but she had wanted to see everything, to tell Edith.

As silly as it may sound, I get this strange notion that, for some reason, I can relate myself to this feeling. Stream of consciousness, huh?


2 Responses to “Virginia Woolf”

  1. 1 usha

    There was a film about 3 years ago which had for one of its 3 tracks Mrs Dalloway’s story and used a very unique style of presentation – it won a few oscars too. I think it was called “the hours”. have you seen it? i loved this book too.

  2. 2 prat

    I can’t believe its been that long. That long also since that poem. You know which one?

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