Monday morning smiles…


This week’s Monday morning smiles theme is Numera Obsessa. There are these kinds of bosses who belong to the species called Numera Obsessa. The characteristic (correction: problem) of this species is that they are way too obsessive about numbers. They eat, sleep, drink and breathe numbers.

And one such, mailed me just before our weekly status meeting, “Kishore, can you quickly mail me the status of your tasks in terms of percentage completed, deviations, dependencies and probability of meeting the deadline? Quantify each of them appropriately.”

So I replied him with a quick mail quantifying each of them appropriately. “Out of my six tasks, three are 84.17% complete. Two are 48.36% and one 12.147% complete. Except the last one, the other tasks have a 74.831% probability of completion by deadline, if all the existing factors hold good. Any deviation of more than 36.16% in the existing factors will impact the probability by 58.12% so may have a 61.37% higher probability of missing the deadline. The last task has only a 31.64% probability of completion on time, because it’s snowing outside and my fingers are 64.72% frozen reducing my ability to type on the keyboard by 41.79%.”

Before the next status meeting he mailed me, “Kishore, can you mail me the status of your tasks, if you are on track with them? A Yes or No will do.”


5 Responses to “Monday morning smiles…”

  1. 1 Sri Prasath

    Kicha, I understood this message 81.37%, leaving a deviation of 18.63%. if the probability of me understanding this message stands at 40.69%. What is the percentage required to completely understand the message to overcame the deviation?

  2. 2 Vijay

    kichu unmaikke nee appadi reply panniniyaa? neththi adi.. great da… naanum ennala mudincha varaikkum en managerai nakkal pannirukken… anal intha alavukku innum panninathu illai… naan ithaiyae oru challengaa eduthukittu unnai vida perusa yethavathu pannittu solren.. :)

  3. 3 Kishore

    Sri Prasath,
    63.166%.. go calculate.

    unmaikke anppinen da, andha aalu onnum vai pesa mudiyaama irundhan.. mail 4-5 perukku Cc vera pochu.. :) oru vagaila naa kuduthathu correct status than, if u ignore the numbers…

  4. So utterly hilarious!

  5. 5 ranjini

    I dont believe u give such a reply, btw i remember u writing similar one some time back, any way darn my poor memory, it was really humourous u know!

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