It’s snowing. And a few words tumbling with the falling snow. I let them drop and bundle them into a tiny package. Now I start thinking what to name it. Sitting by the window on a snowy evening, may be? Because that’s what I’m doing? Nope. That’s exclusive of Mr. Frost. May be I’ll just call it what it is. Snow.

There they are
The flakes.
Swaying obediently
to the whims of the wind
Marching down
Like soldiers
On a commander’s call

As if blessings
were showered from heaven.
Oh so bright
Oh so white
Into this dark night
Like ignited souls
That went astray.

Gently they descend
Floating thin, and frothy
Glittering pendants
Adorning the earth.
Their white halo
And landing on the cheeks
Like a lover’s kiss.


3 Responses to “Snow…”

  1. ooh! u paint such a lovley picture of the snowfall.. u should post some pictures of it too :)

  2. nice one … i am not a person who likes poems much ( maybe something to do with my english teacher at school :-) ) … but here the snow was wonderfully ‘presented’.
    and what a coincidence – it was snowing here just a few minutes back ! i mean its a coincidence because i am in a place where it doesnot snow much at all, but it did snow a little today – 1st snow of this winter !!

  3. 3 ranjini

    Simple in words and quiet expressive of the situation! Good improvement kicha, esp. the second para is good.

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