Monday morning smiles…


This week’s Monday morning smiles theme is Happy New Year. Over the last two days, every time I hopped around the blogosphere or opened my inbox,  I was greeted with a Happy New Year note. Here are some New Year wishes I got, and in brackets is what my first thoughts were when I read them.

May this year bring new heights, more cheer and a lot of happiness.
(Ah, you really think I can get all three, given that everybody in the world want the same things on this day?)

Wish you a happy and prosperous New Year.
(May you be blessed enough, so you can try a different line next New Year)
Wish you all a splendid, successful, safe, healthy, fun-filled and prosperous New Year.
(So many adjectives in a single line? Good work.)

May the New Year bring peace, luck and success to you and your family.
(Bring from where?)

It’s interesting to realize, that every year always begins with the New Year and ends the day before the next one (sorry, bad joke). And every time, we hope the New Year brings all the good stuff unlike the previous year, and we end up hoping the same thing again the next New Year. At times, the process of New Year wishing have become so mechanical that if you just stretch your hand out to someone on a New Year’s eve and keep your mouth shut, you instantaneously get a “Wish you the same” reply.

Well, years come and go. Some of them become those that you would look back with nostalgia in future, and some become the forgettable ones. The most exciting and also the fearful facet of our living is the uncertainty about everything in life. And the biggest gift one can hope for is the ability to smile amid distress. Let this new year teach you to smile, despite anything that life may throw in your way. And oh, remember to smile a bit more on Monday mornings.


12 Responses to “Monday morning smiles…”

  1. Go to my blog,check a small msg i left for you there and smile more:D
    By the way Wish you a Happy,prosperous,healthy,joyful,peaceful, splendid, fearless new year;p

  2. I agree totally on all the ponderous statements. But somehow there is always that secret hope around new year that may be, just may be, this is the year when all our dreams are going to be realised and all those miracles are going to happen. Just a time of renewal of faith and rejuvenation – all positive. As long as it gives us hope, these are ok to have what say!

  3. and yes, have a great new year and make all your dreams happen!

  4. :) Happy New Year Kish, may it see you smiling throughout

  5. 5 N

    Happy new year, Kishore! And yes, wishing you Monday morning smiles :).

  6. wish you a happy new year! ( and nothing more :-) )

  7. 7 Shanae

    HEEEYYYY!!! Happy late new year’s, babe. :)))))

  8. 8 N

    Yes, I am. Are you?

  9. 9 N

    Anindita Sengupta

  10. 10 Kishore

    Thanks. :)
    And a Happy New Year to everyone…

  11. Happy New Year! :)

  12. //And the biggest gift one can hope for is the ability to smile amid distress. Let this new year teach you to smile, despite anything that life may throw in your way.

    Nice one!

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