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Remember those first few seconds after you were born? That’s when the world dissolves from that hysteric haze into a pattern of familiar real world entities. And when I woke up this morning, it felt just like that. The images around me dissolving and merging in the first few seconds of opening my eyes, until […]

Virginia Woolf


She was born this day 125 years ago. Happy Birthday, Ms. Woolf! And not very long ago I read her absolutely wonderful novel Mrs. Dalloway. Written in the stream of consciousness style – where the novel is narrated as the written equivalent of the character’s thought process – it’s one of such books which will […]

This week’s Monday morning smiles theme is Numera Obsessa. There are these kinds of bosses who belong to the species called Numera Obsessa. The characteristic (correction: problem) of this species is that they are way too obsessive about numbers. They eat, sleep, drink and breathe numbers. And one such, mailed me just before our weekly […]



It’s snowing. And a few words tumbling with the falling snow. I let them drop and bundle them into a tiny package. Now I start thinking what to name it. Sitting by the window on a snowy evening, may be? Because that’s what I’m doing? Nope. That’s exclusive of Mr. Frost. May be I’ll just […]

The WordPress Featured Blog of the week, for Life and Living.  The featured post is the New Year Monday morning smiles. Thank you, folks!

Not that I’m a big fan of Margaret Atwood, but there’s something about her writing that makes me skip a beat every time I read her. She has a way about unbottling innermost thoughts that they sometimes startle you. And it so turns out that, in hindsight, they are nothing but your own thoughts at […]

Don’t you love mornings? The rising sun, chirping birds, waking afresh, the proverbial morning rush to work, the brightness. Mornings are where the life happens. A sign that things are going to be great soon. The brighter side of living. And all those quotes – After the darkness comes the light. The dawn of a […]