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Lesson 1: When in New York, Walk! That’s the only way you can get the complete glimpse of this wonderful city. Be it the breathtaking skyscrapers or the amazing diversity in culture, New York is one city you’ll never stop loving. Where the twin towers once stood So after a ten hour drive from Columbus, […]



And then there are days like these when certain sidelined fragments of your memory suddenly wake up and linger all through the clichéd morning to the time when you make yourself comfortable snuggling under your comforter. And on one such day she resisted her urge to snuggle from the cold, to scribe the fragments into […]

Every time I step into a bookshop promising myself to only ‘look’ at them and not buy anymore until I complete the unread ones piling at my bookshelf, I unfailingly step out with one or two in my hand. So I was not surprised with what I did last Saturday afternoon. Traffic jams are everywhere, […]

I’ve read in fables and fairytales of hobbits and angels being blessed with soft pellets of snow falling from the sky. But it took me till last Wednesday morning to have my first ever feel of snow. It seemed a typical winter morning of the west. That was until I peeped out of the window […]

After bathing for almost three months in the glorious sunshine of the sweltering Chennai heat, switching to a temperature of minus eight degree celsius is not the most wonderful of things in this world. But on this other side of the world, where I would find myself hovering over the next few months of my […]