Monday morning smiles…


This week’s Monday morning smiles theme is IM Chronicles. Some quirky things that happened over the IM in the past few days.

So I was catching up with this friend after a long time (26 days to be precise – which is very long), so naturally we were concerned about each other’s well being.

Friend: Hello
Me: Hey, Howdy!
Friend: I am fine, how about u?
Me: Me neither.
Friend: Eh?

And this one was with my teammate. We were at work and seriously discussing some meaningless things.

Teammate: What you say about that?
Me: I completely agree with you.
Teammate: Wise men think alike.
Me: Yep. But, even we do!
Teammate: Huh?


4 Responses to “Monday morning smiles…”

  1. Good one. :)

  2. I still dont get it Kishore! :(

  3. 4 Shanae

    Wha?? Wooosssshhh! Over my head!!

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