Curtains Chennai…


We’ll miss you, the team here told me. They’ve known me for less than three months, but they would still miss me. Like everyone loves you when you were a baby, may not be so after you’ve turned 25. This is one of those funny feelings, where the lesser you know the other, the better is your relationship. I would miss them too. And I’m happy it’s that way.

This Chennai trip has been a pleasant one. Though now confined only to mental images of picture postcards – my guest house room, the brown screen that I push to let the sun gleam into my eyes, the 75 minute travel to work , dhal rice dinner, the air conditioned scent of my room, the portrait of a blooming hibiscus just above my bed, the coffee maker that served my morning needs with utmost loyalty – all captured into the black and white albums of memory.

I’ve had seven different roommates during my stay, all of whom exchanged numbers and email IDs with me and promised to stay in touch. But having always been too busy with our own lives, we but passed each other like flashes of lightning through the sky of life.  They too become confined into the black and white picture postcards, that, in times of solitary retrospection, I would flip through to admire what good old past it was.

There are also these bunch of little things – a tiny box of talcum powder that I bought a month back, an air ticket, a train ticket, a few bits of paper I scribbled some illegible stuff, a cover that once helped me carry a number of books. And I shall leave all of them in the room, while I leave. For, that is where they belong. The only world they have known is my room. And they shall be fossilized into this world of theirs, so that in future, they would transform into little taints of Gold in my black and white picture postcards.

Tomorrow, before the first streak of sunlight cracks through the morning darkness, I would be on my way to Meenambakkam.  The broken, water-logged Old Mahabalipuram Road would stay behind as I tread over its jumpy body and walk into the future.  My Chennai stint draws to a close. The journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. The twelve thousand mile one is just round the corner.


2 Responses to “Curtains Chennai…”

  1. Good to have you here at Chennai :-)

  2. 2 Kishore

    Thanks Jax. Hope to meet up soon again.. :)

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