Carpe Diem of Nothingness


The boogeyman just went to bed. Thin clouds, illuminated by the full moon, were still strolling across the black sky. The moon herself, was shining with the same melancholic fervor that had been the inspiration for so many poets down the ages. Even her craters revealed the strangeness that a beauty could be – like dimples on a beautiful face.

But all that was about to be shaken up when my roommate’s alarm would do what it was paid to do – wake him up, and alarm me. My face resting over a white pillow, still buried under a thick blanket, opened itself to a steady trickle of thoughts – the day is Saturday, first day of a weekend, nothing to do, no plans in place, no plans of planning. I tried to move the blanket away fighting my sleep and open my eyes to the window. But quickly retreated, after being pricked by the strong daylight striking my sleepy eyes.

For a moment, it surprised me how something we spend our lifetime in, can also prick us at certain times. And then we keep going for it again. When I finally woke up in the true sense of the word, the morning shone with all its brightness. It wouldn’t prick anymore. Until, probably, the next morning.

I walked, still thinking of craters and dimples and pushed aside the screen to let the dawn in. The moist roads, overnight rains, cycles slicing through the muddy roads on the far side, a hawker going about his stuff, the crowded roadside tea shop – the day was already bustling with activity for many. I turned over to my coffee table. Ripped two sachets of Everyday dairy whitener, a Nescafe, half teaspoon sugar and sat with the morning papers.

Among other important ones, it’s interesting what all things become Front-Page news in this world – Aishwarya Rai arrived late for a dinner (ToI), Angelina Jolie is pregnant again (Dna) – as though it were going to change all our lives. I skimmed through the pages until I realized I was sipping an empty cup. And after the refreshing dose (long live caffeinity!), I walked back to the window and stared into the vacant sky.

The morning sky veiled the moon. The sun peeped out. The birds chirped. The wind blew softly. The violets shared their fragrance. The trees swayed. The nature was busy. On a day, when I reveled in the bliss of doing nothing.


8 Responses to “Carpe Diem of Nothingness”

  1. ah, another day, another day.

  2. How dare she arrive late??
    Exquisite piece, as ever, Kishore.

  3. Hmm..I don’t seem to be recognising my name too well. I think The Buddha calls it Nirvana.

  4. 4 Adora Belle

    Alas, the joy of nothing to do on a “nothing to do” sort of day. :)

  5. hey dude, howz u???
    long time man … wats up with u?

  6. 6 Kishore

    Prat, Prat, Prat,
    Thanky! And Welcome to the land of Nirvana. Let us drink its golden elixir.

    Alas, no?

    Nothing’s up with me. Scrap it up.

  7. Eh- the golden elixir line sounds familiar! I know who scratched it and where :)

  8. 8 Kishore

    I guessed you’ll guess. :)
    Amazing, right?

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