Monday morning smiles…


This week’s Monday morning smiles theme is Three. I’ve been tagged again, this time by phoenix, and here I go making more noise.

Three smells I love… The smell of book, The smell of love, And the smell of anything odorless.

Three smells I hate… The smell of hate, And the smell of anything that smells like hate.

Three jobs that I have had in my life… Making my garden, Cleaning my Porche, Imagining doing the other two.

Three movies that I could watch over and over… The Blind Assassin, State of Fear, Oryx and Crake. When, someday, those books are made into a movie.

Three fond memories… When I was born very young and I looked just like a baby, When I grew up to realize everbody are born very young, and when I grew up further to realize I was still a baby.

Three things I like to do… I like things I do.

Three of my favorite foods… Anything edible, Anything slightly inedible but tasty, Anything quite inedible but very tasty.

Three places I would like to be right now…  The Moon, A Blackhole, Under the Ocean.

Three things that make me cry… Onion, Chilli, Dust.

Three beings I want to tag… Periplaneta Americana, Rana Temporaria, Homo Sapien.


5 Responses to “Monday morning smiles…”

  1. 1 Adora Belle

    I miss my, ki…boohoo. :-(

  2. What do you have for breakfast on Monday mornings!?
    Enjoyed many of the responses.

  3. 3 Kishore

    Welcome, back!

    hee..hee.. Thanks.. :)

  4. “Three jobs” was hilarious! :-D

  5. I enjoy looking through your websites. Thanks!

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