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I let him do what he likes. Today, I let him weep. The flight was delayed by four hours. But having been used to waiting, I sat at the visitor’s lounge, moving not until I saw him come down the escalator. After we greeted with our silence, I took him – as he followed me […]

This week’s Monday morning smiles theme is IM Chronicles. Some quirky things that happened over the IM in the past few days. So I was catching up with this friend after a long time (26 days to be precise – which is very long), so naturally we were concerned about each other’s well being. Buzz […]

We’ll miss you, the team here told me. They’ve known me for less than three months, but they would still miss me. Like everyone loves you when you were a baby, may not be so after you’ve turned 25. This is one of those funny feelings, where the lesser you know the other, the better is […]

I took my usual seat, holding a hardbound Margaret Atwood opened to page 129. And when I read  – “You coming out to play?” says Cordelia on our way home from school – I noticed two strange men hovering around me. One was an old man who wore his pants above his belly, and the […]

Just finished reading this absolutely lovely book. Thanks to Prat for lending me her copy and making me read it. If there is one thing in life that continues to leave us puzzled beyond all our acquired wisdom – it is Life itself. Humans are born to, eventually, die. But despite this awareness and the […]

The boogeyman just went to bed. Thin clouds, illuminated by the full moon, were still strolling across the black sky. The moon herself, was shining with the same melancholic fervor that had been the inspiration for so many poets down the ages. Even her craters revealed the strangeness that a beauty could be – like […]

This week’s Monday morning smiles theme is Three. I’ve been tagged again, this time by phoenix, and here I go making more noise. Three smells I love… The smell of book, The smell of love, And the smell of anything odorless. Three smells I hate… The smell of hate, And the smell of anything that […]