Short Story: Garden of Bliss


The night gave way to a pleasant spring morning. I walked across the slippery road one little step at a time towards the garden. It’s called the Garden of Bliss, they say. It’s watered by the heaven and its fruits never perish. Its trees grow short bark and long branches that spread all around itself like an umbrella of leaves and shelter all who need. And you’ll never come out unhappy from the Garden of Bliss.

My legs carried me fast and I could see the Garden of Bliss only a few more paces away. I could even smell the fragrance of its early morning dew. There seemed to be some eyes all around me watching me scamper through the road but I continued to walk swiftly. As I neared my destination, I began hearing strange voices playing noisy tunes in my ears. I recognized one to be the song from the radio that, like a noble friend, always accompanied me when I drink my morning tea.

I walked faster, and the noise became louder. My tea song dissolved into other noises and I realized I couldn’t recognize it anymore. I suddenly felt lonely and started walking faster. The noises became even louder. I closed my eyes and ran straight up to the gate. And when I slowly opened my eyes I saw a green panel embarked on a beautiful green plank over its pearly gates. Garden of Bliss, it said.

I stepped in, and all the loud noises that tormented me, abruptly ceased. It was only the serene fragrance that gleefully dragged me into its fold. The trees were gleaming, the chirpy birds singing praises of heaven, tiny squirrels scurried across the lush grass moist with the morning dew, tiny pieces of fruits clasped between their teeth. I saw a flower with its bud closed, as if it were feeling lazy to wake up from the coziness of its sprout. I bent down and slowly touched the head of a dewdrop over the bud. And it bloomed with all its magnificence revealing a beauty I had never known to exist in this world. I was so staggered by the splendor of its bloom that I fell on my back, but quickly recovered to wonder at its colorful radiance.

The bloom gave way to an avalanche of events in the garden. The trees began to shake their branches fanning me with a cool breeze, the birds flew over my head and sang in a cohesive unison. A spurt of colorful water rushed out of the flower, like a fountain, as if all my dreams were given a shape and soared high up in the scented air. The water splashed over my face and I laughed out loud bathing in the rain.

Moments later, another gush of water splashed on my face and I began laughing out louder. And there was another gush. Another splash on my face. A large hand suddenly came from nowhere and violently wiped the water on my face. “You’ve slept enough”, the hand screamed into my ears, “The plants need trimming”. Another scream. And this startled me.

I opened my eyes and saw the morning light escape into my dark room through a hole on the roof. The tiny speck of brightness quivered my sight and I took my time to pull up my torn trousers, gradually brush the sleep and wake up. I got up stumbling past the wooden chairs and reached for the heavy pair of scissors and wobbled my fingers around to hold it softly, making myself set for the first of my day’s chores.

I stepped out across the road and went up to the gate as my mind mechanically read the large green plank placed over the gate. Garden of Bliss, it said.


4 Responses to “Short Story: Garden of Bliss

  1. How often do we wake up realising where we work or what we do is bliss?
    Or just thanking our stars for all the small mercies. You drove the point home very well, Kishore. The description of the entire place is so ethereal.

  2. I couldn’t help myself. Blame it on my job ;-) , Could you correct the typo in “like a fountain, as if I all my dreams”?

  3. Bliss! Fortunate are those who can sense it, perceive it, and live it.

  4. i second Pardeep’s comment

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