Let there be Light, not Noise…


Noisy crackers are objected to by crackpot environmentalists who see pollution everywhere and deny that life on this planet is about joy and its pursuit. Varuna tells Bhrigu in the Taittriya Upanishad that the core of being human is not about the fact that we eat or that we breathe or that we think, but that we have the capacity for ananda. Ananda must be noisy, rejecting at least at this time the hushed tones of patronizing kill-joys. Let us learn to celebrate with wholehearted vim and gusto our wonderful traditions of gambling, baksheesh, lights and deafening noise!

– Jaitirth Rao in The New Indian Express (via Uma)

Ah well. Interesting links people draw from religious scripts. Now noise has become a way of deriving ananda (joy). The dictionary defines noise thus,

noise  /nɔɪz/ –noun
– sound, esp. of a loud, harsh, or confused kind 
– Informal. extraneous, irrelevant, or meaningless facts, information, statistics, etc.
– Obsolete. rumor or gossip, esp. slander. 

That’s ananda for you – extraneous, confused kind. Looks like the dictionary knows better about noise.

Noise is bad for animals. If you didn’t notice, dogs and cats tend to scamper through the roads on the sound of loud bursting firecrackers. Little babies are still not grown-up enough to understand that there is this thing called a Diwali where people explode noisy firecrackers to attain the state of ananda. There may be sick people just round the street corner and if you have ever fallen sick in your life, you would know noise doesn’t help them any bit. Why do they have No Horn zones in hospitals?

But then, it’s not possible for people to put themselves in others shoes. After all, its one’s own ananda that matters. Not the babies and sick people, so long as they thrive in the joy enunciated by the Upanishads.

People do find it hard to understand a few things. Probably, a dog understands another dog better than a human understands another human. So let’s just say there aren’t too many fortunate people in this world who can spend a few thousand bucks to create extraneous loud noise that lasts a few minutes and creates unnecessary trouble to certain people that is often so easy to overlook. Let there be light and sound, not noise. Have a bright Diwali, not a noisy one.


7 Responses to “Let there be Light, not Noise…”

  1. And let there be light.

  2. How was your diwali then?

    bright and quiet?

  3. 3 Adora Belle

    You sound grumpy!! LMAO! Did a loud noise keep you up last night? lol :) Awww…Ki Ki…do we need to come down to Chenni and rock you back to sleep? Poor baby.

  4. 4 Adora Belle

    sorry…forgot the “a”. :)

  5. yes, Just the way I feel about it. When will we learn to celebrate without show and without disturbing others?
    And no one even respects the 10 p.m rule – in fact in diwali night there were more crackers in my neighbourhood after 10!

  6. 6 Adora Belle

    Ok…so was it like 4th of July for you guys or something? Why are they shooting off fireworks late at night?

  7. 7 Vijay

    kichu nice posting da.. even i want people to understand the impact of noisy crackers and stop using them…. rather they should start using the crackers which produce more light (accepatable level) and less sound. In that way they can help all the people/animals mentioned by you. More importantly by doing this they can help Sivakasi economy to grow :)… [noisy crackers are very cheaper comparing to other fancy crackers].

    not late at night… here people fire crackers through out the day.. even few people start it couple of days before the D-Day [Deepavali Day :)]

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