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The night gave way to a pleasant spring morning. I walked across the slippery road one little step at a time towards the garden. It’s called the Garden of Bliss, they say. It’s watered by the heaven and its fruits never perish. Its trees grow short bark and long branches that spread all around itself […]

Noisy crackers are objected to by crackpot environmentalists who see pollution everywhere and deny that life on this planet is about joy and its pursuit. Varuna tells Bhrigu in the Taittriya Upanishad that the core of being human is not about the fact that we eat or that we breathe or that we think, but […]

“Hope is the worst of evils, for it prolongs the torments of man”, in the words of Friedrich Nietzsche. If there is one literary figure that stood up for what Nietzsche means to say, it is Charles Arrowby, the central character of Iris Murdoch’s 1978 Booker winning novel The Sea, The Sea. Charles is a […]

This week’s Monday morning smiles theme is City. A queer little encounter with a delivery guy at a Dominos outlet in Chennai made me wonder how different a response I would have got in a similar situation in Bangalore. The Bangalore part is fiction, while the Chennai part is what actually happened. Bangalore I walk […]

This day of my travel episode, for reasons of my own, I subjected myself to a joy and some pains from my past. First, I met a school friend after 12 years. And then went to the see the apartment where I lived 16 years ago (between 1991-93), when Chennai was my home. The ever-beautiful […]

So it happens that, Anousheh Ansari, becomes the first female tourist to pay her way into space. Helen Patricia Sharman was, technically, the first private space tourist. But Helen was also a working British astronaut with a full training regimen, much unlike Anousheh who just happens to be a visiting tourist. Contrary to many news […]