Monday morning smiles…


This week’s Monday morning  smiles theme is Me Me Meme. Arunima tagged me with this and here I go making more noise.

I am thinking about… going to sleep. It’s the wee morning hours and I’m still up playing who’s-the-bigger-hooter with the owl next door.

I said… “Let me embrace thee, sour adversity, for wise men say it is the wisest course.” And it was actually a coincidence that Shakespeare already said this. Trust me.

I want to… go to Zurich (for honeymoon), and Rome and Paris before I become too old to go anywhere.

I wish… I had enough time to read four books simultaneously and finish all of them within a week, and then pick four more.

I hear… music, all the time. Even now, at this time.

I wonder…  why I’m doing it, and still do it, and wonder why I wondered.

I regret… having regretted things which didn’t deserve to be regretted.

I am… what I am and that’s what I am (in the words of Popeye the Sailor man). In my words, I am an eternally confused bloke, always trying to find why others are more confused than me.

I dance… Salsa and Bharathnatyam. I learnt them for over 8 years and was almost about to take dancing as profession. You are right, I’m kidding.

I sing… very well. In my best singing days, I participated in so many contests at the State and National level and won many awards. Then somebody woke me up.

I cry… every time I peel onion. And invariably rub my eyes with the onion-peeled finger and cry even more.

I am not always… optimistic. But somehow manage to pull things up.

I make with my hands… coffee. And you thought I’ll use yours, yes?

I write… because my written words will never scold me, will never disagree with me, will never talkback, will always say what I want it to say and will never leave my side.

I confuse… some of the people all the time, all the people some of the time.

I need… to fill up some vacuum.

And finally… Prat, Neels, Sanny, Mahen, Jax, Vidya, Shub, Usha, Phoenix, DG, Thiya, And all you who sleep tonight.


19 Responses to “Monday morning smiles…”

  1. Hey Kishore,
    Can I bribe you and de-tag(is that even a word?) myself?

  2. made me laugh first thing in the morning. “I dance..” was the best.

  3. Erm erm erm .. ;)

  4. 4 Bewitching

    Achoo. :) You’re cute.

  5. 5 Vijay Babu

    Hope you forgot to mention this..

    “I make all the people to think all the time that Y they are still with me even after I tortured them so much..”

    Kichu i m jealous of ur writing da, thats y i told the truth.. :)

  6. I really thought you danced Bharatnatyam!!! :D. lol..

    Ok.. I am picking up the tag. I like them. :)

  7. Loved your responses. Nearly believed the one about dance and music!
    Was that me you tagged , I hope not as I already did it twice!
    and once in livejournal!

  8. 8 DG

    And finally… Prat, Neels, Sanny, Mahen, Jax, Vidya, Shub, Usha, Phoenix, DG, Thiya, And all you who sleep tonight.
    Does this mean I am tagged too?

  9. 9 Kishore

    It does mean you are tagged too. Kelvigalai nee ketkaraaya, naan ketkattuma? ;)

  10. 10 DG

    Good Lord!
    Go on – kettu tholai!

  11. 11 Kishore

    Just answer the tag..
    “I am thinking about…”
    “I said… ”

    etc., without skipping any of them as in the post. That would do. (See, I’m being very kind) :)

  12. hi ami sekendar.

  13. I expected. May gets huge facial cindy and stroking my waiting with.

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  15. Good though, lotus breast tattoos and the stage lights were obviously getting their fees. . Then she.

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