Still a newborn, I guess…


Just when you get a teeny-weeny bit complacent of having seen it all, you instantly realize you have hardly begun. (Now, that line is for the quotation book). This day last year, between one of those philosophical interludes of those days, I wrote on this space that I still felt like a newborn. A year down, this time, with a little more sense and common sense, I wouldn’t still disagree with most of that.

It’s been a long year, the past one. Some promises went unfulfilled (and I’m thankful for that!), some people disappeared over the horizon, some have come ever closer. I’ve been doing some same old things, some new things, nurtured new habits, been a good boy and been a bad boy. But what has not changed is that, with every passing year, it always seems a completely different one ahead.

Last years assumptions and ideas seem invalid today. With blunders come a sense of sensibility. And then more blunders. That’s a cycle, I guess. I do still have the same last year’s face though.  But that doesn’t count. What does count, is that I can count one more candle in my birthday cake today. I’ve become old? How many times I’ve wondered why do we ever have to grow up. But then, we do want to grow up, don’t we?  But may be, not this fast.

So what do I look forward to? Another year of new blunders, and new sensibility? A year where all my dreams and aspirations and all sorts of things under the sun and beyond Pluto come true, and may blessings be showered and a long prosperous life and blah and more blah? Naah!

Forget the usual blahs. To me, the most exciting thing about future is that, I’m going to be in it. And that’s reason-enough to look forward to it. So, all you who sleep tonight, let’s just have fun.


13 Responses to “Still a newborn, I guess…”

  1. Happy Birthday….:-)

  2. In a way, we are all reborn with each new experience. In a way, we are born everyday.
    Happy Birthday to you. May you bask in the golden elixir of everlasting happiness.

  3. 3 Sailaja

    Happy Birthday!!

  4. Happy birthday! :)

    Nice poem by Seth there.. :)

  5. Happy Birthday Kishore :)

  6. Happy Birthday Kishore !!!!

  7. MMHROTD Kicha. Nee melum pala varudangal vaalnthu Tamizhanin pugazhai ulagirkku unartha en vaazhthukkal. Vaazhga Thamizhagam :), Vaazhga Valamudan.

  8. 8 BewitchinglyBeautiful

    Dang. Looks like I’m late on the Birthday wishes…But I’ll still join in… “Happy B-day, Ki Ki!” :) I hope you had a happy day, too. (I should make you a cake…and celebrate for you by eating it all by myself. How many candles am I supposed to put on it, again?) lol J/p Have a good day. :P

  9. 9 Kishore

    Jax, Prat, Sailaja, Phoenix, Sanny, Vidya, Mahen, BewitchinglyBeautiful,

    Thanks all for your loving wishes, phone calls, messages, emails and greetings. You made my day! :)

  10. 10 shub

    terribly terribly sorry I forgot :( Apologies and belated wishes.

  11. 11 Kishore

    Thanks! :)

    It’s still 20th in some parts of the world, so never mind. :)

  12. Wish you happy birthday and a great year ahead.

  13. 13 Kishore

    Thank you maami! :)

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