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The clock ticked past midnight, as my painted fingers reached for some tissue and shred them into the tiniest bits. I sat upright on the bed, my face resting on my bent knees and half-closed eyes still strolling its way through the disturbed comforters and the moist pillows lying one on top of the other, […]

This week’s Monday morning  smiles theme is Me Me Meme. Arunima tagged me with this and here I go making more noise. I am thinking about… going to sleep. It’s the wee morning hours and I’m still up playing who’s-the-bigger-hooter with the owl next door. I said… “Let me embrace thee, sour adversity, for wise […]

Just when you get a teeny-weeny bit complacent of having seen it all, you instantly realize you have hardly begun. (Now, that line is for the quotation book). This day last year, between one of those philosophical interludes of those days, I wrote on this space that I still felt like a newborn. A year […]

I had a recap of the Chennai BlogCamp on desicritics. And it seems to have been picked up by Kiruba, one of the organizers, and found its way on to The Financial Express. Here’s an excerpt from the article. And Blah Blah.

Five minutes into the walk to the bus stop, I was already sweating. After a few minutes’ wait, I boarded a medieval matador van that shouted at the top of its voice claiming to be going to Thiruvanmiyur, which is where I had to be going. I found myself a place at the far right […]

It was over fourteen years ago, when for a little while, I used to call this city my home. But this has been one city I’ve never lost touch with. Be it the young girls adorned with jasmine flowers, or the rushing office goers commuting on the footboard of dusty green buses, the auto-wallahs who […]