Monday morning smiles…


This week’s Monday morning smiles theme is Chill Your Moment. Between brain-whacking work tasks and boss’ insomniac ranting, there always is a moment of fun with the teammates. Here are a few of them.

R was really flabbergasted (and as complicated as that word itself) at the way things were moving. “We need to change the way we work” he retorted at me once. “We sit upside down?” I asked trying to help him with a solution.

The solution didn’t work, though.


Another very similar occasion, it was S this time. “I want to do some concrete work” he was still furious at something from the team meeting. “Like building a house?” I asked. And he gave me his feel-like-thumping-the-monitor-on-your-head look.

Actually, it seems he was not talking about houses.


At times I speak. When I do, I don’t close my mouth for the next few years. So when that manic boss-worshipper was walking by, I whispered “Think of the devil and here he comes.”. “Don’t call me a devil”, he seems to have heard my whisper, which he clearly was not supposed to. “You’ve changed your name?” I asked.

He went on a vacation the next week.


7 Responses to “Monday morning smiles…”

  1. Funny :) !

  2. Its fun reading your tidbits of a Mad Monday Morning.How have you been:)

  3. :D

    and to think i earlier thought you didn’t have any humour :p

  4. 4 Bewitching

    Awww…So, you’re the chipper, top-of-the mornin’ to ya, sarcastic, let’s lighten the mood with stating the obvious…kind of guy? LOL If it were me…I would have just kicked your little Indian butt. :-P

  5. Thats hilarious! But, arent you beaten up for all u speak and do on a Monday morning LoL??? ;-) you should have been… ????

  6. 6 Bewitching

    Ki Ki, Mahen is making me upset. I’ve never been ignored in my ENITRE life…so…naturally…I’m starting to become curious, as to why he’s ignoring me. I have a few theories…1) He’s extremely busy…(just like you) and doesn’t have time to feed my procrastination habit…by emailing or talking to me. 2) He’s dating someone and feels that emailing the opposite sex (especially with someone, as adorable, as I am) is a dangerous move on his part. 3) He started talking to me, but realized I was a drama queen by my previous comments and got very annoyed. OOoOOOooor 4) I’m over analytical and I need to leave you poor guys alone. Hmmm…I’m going with the last one.

  7. 7 Kishore

    Vidya, Neels,

    You know better than that now, dont ya? :D

    Taking that question?

    Like Joey does with Al Pacino’s?

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