The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana


Everything is so much involved in and is so much a process of its opposite that, as it is almost fair to call death a process of life and life a process of death, so it is to call memory a process of forgetting and forgetting a process of remembering.

 Yo Man, Eco! This is an irresistible piece. The books begins thus,

“And what’s your name?”
“Wait, it’s on the tip of my tongue.”

That is how it all began. I felt as if I had awoke from a long sleep, and yet I was still suspended in a milky gray.

Somebody send me this book, fast! And if you are reading this, it means Windows Live Writer is working as expected.


9 Responses to “The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana”

  1. 1 Jax

    I’ve the book, but I won’t give it to you :-D

  2. i’ve lost ya adress again or i’d post it to you :)

  3. I use “Performancing” extension for firefox. You dont need to download anything. It is the awesomest thing.

  4. 4 Bewitching

    Ok…so it looks like I’m a stalker…but I’m not. So, this is the last comment I’m posting…Have a good life. lol :-)

  5. Live Writer works, Kishore – you better believe it!

  6. why no its-happy-monday-morning-so-smile-all-you-frowning-people post?

  7. hahaha… LoL Thats a good question by Prat…

  8. Hey Mahen,
    Good. Atleast we are smiling at each other :D

  9. 9 Kishore

    Be a nice guy. Gimme the book!

    Awww, please send me, I shall send u my address.

    Let me try.

    You have answers now, dontcha?

    Based on popular demand, its-happy-monday-morning-so-smile-all-you-frowning-people post is back!


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