Independence is Dead. Long Live Independence.


Things change. With time, the definition and understanding of many of our cultural facets also undergo a transformation. Ideas and attitudes get a makeover of sorts. So also has the idea of independence changed in this country – this amazing country of ours, where Bullock Carts and BMWs share the same one-lane road, where unrest is a simple equation defined by maniacal fanatism and political incompetence.

Independence, as we seem to be knowing it today, is when you are respected for not what you are, but for what you earn, what language you speak, which God you worship. It is to frighten people into a fear of an unknown, play on their prejudices and make money out of it. It is the success of a Governmental policy being determined by the prospective number of votes obtained. It is being the judge in a court of justice and being able to say “Even though I know he is the murderer, I give him the benefit of doubt and acquit him”.

This day, independence is but a mythical door in dire need of some grease for even a slight budge to open. Independence is not just a freedom from Monarchy, but in the freedom of the mind. This mind – that makes you and me, that be unbounded by simplistic fears about religion and superstitions, that is free to think whatever it wants to think.

True independence is when ego and prejudice take the back seat, and understanding and tolerance remain at the fore. Encourage free thoughts and appreciate conflicting ideas, to be appreciated for whatever you are, to be motivated for whatever you can be and where humanity is the highest religion.

As we look upon this day of our country’s independence, let us also realize that independence, as it stands today, is but dead.  We never are truly independent until we break these mental shackles. Until then, this day is another namesake. This celebration is a pseudo-optimistic foolishness. Long Live Independence.


19 Responses to “Independence is Dead. Long Live Independence.”

  1. hmmm… Luckily ,independence to express all our thought and feelings is still alive ,at least in some of us ;o) !!!

    Happy Independence Day Kishore !

  2. 2 Kishore

    Until the Govt doesnt block blogs like it did last month, atleast some tiny bit of independence is still alive. :)
    Happy Independence Day!

  3. Very good writeup. Makes a lot of sense, when you say we aren’t independent unless we are free of prejudices, ego etc. Truly it is the independence of the mind. That’s one side.

    At another plane, I don’t know if we are dreaming up some utopian Independence. My independence (freedom) ends where your independence (freedom) begins.

    I will characterise true independence as our ability to understand, acknowledge and live with other people’s sensibilities and judgements. This age is one of interdependence rather than independence.

  4. 4 Bewitching

    Independence Day? They have that in India? eh. I suppose, I still have a lot to learn about different cultures. Oh well, I’m still young. I’m assuming it’s the same celebration like we have back in America, right? Anyway, I’m getting a sarcastic vibe from your post…So, I’m going to back off and let you contemplate what life and freedom is really all about. Have a good night, Ki. :-)

  5. Kishore,
    Yours sounds to be more like an idealistic dream for independence. Remember, theory is called theory just because it cannot always be practical. Do you think that it is possible for mankind to be without ego? Assume that the world is perfect…with true independence as you expect… but remember Murphy’s law. If something can go wrong, it will. So, true independence is a matter of definition and may vary from time to time, with people, with culture, and so on and so forth.

  6. 6 Bewitching

    “To reach a state of TRUE independence and perfection…would mean…that it would have to start somewhere…and that somewhere…is with a dream.” ((Quit picking on Kishore.)) lol

  7. 7 Vijay

    Intha pidi saabam…
    If you are going to believe in what you have explained as true independance, then in your life time you are never going to get that…

  8. Dei Kicha,
    enna da, un blog’la un karuthukku ethira onnumey solla koodathu polirukku.
    [Translation for those who dont know tamil: Kicha, it seems I shudnt tell anything against your opinions in your blog… :)]

    Vijay, Thanks for your sabam… Kicha may never attain his true independence..LoL.

  9. Nee sonnathu correct da Kicha…
    There’s no independence… see… I dont have independence to voice my views ;-)… Bewitching is taking me up in arms… :)

  10. 10 Bewitching

    Awwww…but you DO! And “I” have the freedom to find holes in your theories. :) I like you Indian ppl. LOL You guys are too funny! :D

  11. But, why in my theories alone? ;-) why not in kishore’s???? :)

  12. 12 Bewitching

    Awww…Mahen…You’re too cute. :)

  13. 14 Bewitching

    Ok..let’s quit posting on Kishore’s blog.

  14. 15 Kishore

    Mahen, Vijay,
    I agree this is too much of an ask. We can only hope atleast a fraction of it happens by the time we are grandpas.

    Awwww mah dahling clementine, you non-Indian is as cute as we Indians, as well. All the Best!

  15. 16 Bewitching

    Kishore, check your gmail. :) I sent you some pics.

  16. Good write-up Kishore.

  17. I agree that we can claim to be truly independent only when we can haveIa the kind of things you have spoken about – almost on the lines of Tagore’s heaven of freedom. But I think it is not dead, it is dormant and it is upto us to make it awake.
    Let us march on with hope!

  18. If we get the kind of independence you are dreaming of.. We’ll attain Nirvana! and renounce from worldly life! Eternally!! :-P The Independence we are celebrating now is a completely different affair! And it has nothing to do with ‘True Independence’ as you put it.. Sadly.

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