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It was to be the first night of the new day. The evening had been pretty. The water splattered giant rock on which he was sitting, had played an able host to witnessing the magnificence of the setting sun. His heart had leapt like the tidal waves dashing on to the algae-clad green bottom of […]

This week’s Monday morning smiles theme is Chill Your Moment. Between brain-whacking work tasks and boss’ insomniac ranting, there always is a moment of fun with the teammates. Here are a few of them. R was really flabbergasted (and as complicated as that word itself) at the way things were moving. “We need to change the […]

Margaret Atwood


Ladies and Gentlemen, this is to proclaim that for all official, unofficial and god-knows-what reasons I, hereby, am a fan of Margaret Atwood. The Blind Assassin – the latest one that I finished reading is one amazing bit of a literary treat. A classically written metafiction – a story in a novel within a novel. […]

Everything is so much involved in and is so much a process of its opposite that, as it is almost fair to call death a process of life and life a process of death, so it is to call memory a process of forgetting and forgetting a process of remembering.  Yo Man, Eco! This is […]

Things change. With time, the definition and understanding of many of our cultural facets also undergo a transformation. Ideas and attitudes get a makeover of sorts. So also has the idea of independence changed in this country – this amazing country of ours, where Bullock Carts and BMWs share the same one-lane road, where unrest […]

They had not spoken to each other since afternoon, after reaching home rather late. Reshma walked into the kitchen, as Rehan switched on the TV. Little clatters of glasses he heard soon, that rose like sine-waves between troughs of an almost-mute volume. Minutes later, she emerged from the kitchen, cupping her palms around a steaming […]

A Little knowledge is a dangerous thing, they say. For some, that is all they need for fame and quick bucks. First the Center for Science And Environment comes up with allegation of pesticides in cola drinks three years back, and now they say the pesticide content is more than before, and they used the […]