So, That’s what it is…


Happiness. Many a word has been said and written about this phenomenon. From ancient ascetics to astute philosophers to story-tellers to poets, all have been making attempts to find an answer to what happiness is all about.

Past Saturday evening, I found the answer. I found what happiness is. Happiness is a step into the Crossword bookstore, and the welcome of those gentle instrumentals spreading its melody, mesmerizing you. Happiness is to pull that little red chair close to an aisle, sit over and flip pages of books. Tenderly tousle the hair of that little boy who peeps over your shoulder into the book in your hand. Turn your head a bit away from the book and watch him giggle his way through the glossy floor to hug and bury his face between his mom’s legs. And smile at that sight.

Happiness is to read, sitting on that little red chair, some engrossing lines from all those books in the aisle. Look over and over and admire that exquisite spiral arrangement of new releases that shine through such attractive hardbound covers. Pick one up very carefully from the top of the spiral and softly run your fingers over its smooth cover. And heave a deep sigh.

And happiness is also to watch vehicles standing perfectly still at the Forum crossroads to give way to us animated pedestrians during the peak evening hour. An ascend, up in the escalator, watching with reclusive awe the floor below gradually receding behind you. Happiness is a bowl of noodles at the Beijing Bite. A Veg Roll. A can of Diet Coke from 5 Degree Centigrade. And listen to assorted noises from the crowd, as you eat your supper.

In its finale, happiness is to sit at night with your laptop and write what it is all about. And I’ve thus found the answer. I know what happiness is. I really do.


6 Responses to “So, That’s what it is…”

  1. 1 Vijay

    kalakkal da kicha..

    nee ennathai ezhuthinalum kalakkalnnu solrathil kuda oru santhosam irukku da… :)

  2. Very materialistic happiness it seems..

  3. nice post :)

  4. 4 chaitra

    Hey kishore,

    got a laptop??


  5. 5 sangeeta

    Happiness is a bar of chocolate ;)

    Happiness is just a state of mind – but a good one at that! :p

  6. 6 Kishore

    ennamoo poda.. :)

    Actually I wanted the moon. Pluto’s moons, that is.


    Will call ya…

    You said it.. :)

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