Monday morning smiles…


This week’s Monday morning smiles theme is Boss’ Day Out. One of my favorite activities at work is to leave my boss at his wits end and smirk wickedly.

This was one of the rare occasions when he came to work early, and in another 30 minutes it would be time for our weekly Status meeting. My boss pings me on IM.

My Boss: Kishore, I’m moving for another important meeting, so we won’t be having our Status meeting today. Please let the team know.

Me: Oh, we won’t?

My Boss: Yep.

Me: Good. We didn’t have anything to say, anyways.

My Boss: Huh?

And when the Status meeting did happen the following week,

Me: Out of my 5 tasks, I’m afraid I’ve completed only half.

My Boss: (trying to sound encouraging) Half, as in 2.5? That’s not bad either.

Me: Nope. Half, as in 0.5.

Then on another such meeting and me in one of those typical Dilbert-ish moods,

Me: Last Friday, I had this really inventive idea. So inventive, that it had the potential to change the way we’ve been looking at this whole project all this while. You couldn’t have imagined how it would have revolutionized the way we went about these tasks. We could even have patented our work eventually.

My Boss: Sounds interesting. And what was the idea?

Me: Well, (with a little sigh) if only I could remember.


7 Responses to “Monday morning smiles…”

  1. 1 prat

    LOL, that is so cute!!
    If only I could say that to my boss..all I did during today’s status meeting was giggle endlessly when he said he was on 2000mg of some antibiotic…then someone ripped the VD team apart, and I had another giggle bout. Its like I’m on some “thing” man..then again, I think it is this “thing” that makes monday mornings bearable.

  2. 2 sangeeta


  3. 3 Vidya


  4. 4 anoop

    good one !

    it really happended ?

  5. 5 Kishore

    Thanks. :)

    San, Vidya,

    Oh, it did!!

  6. guts or nuts?
    i can’t really say, da!

  7. 7 Kishore

    Call it, Nutty guts… ;)

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