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“Hey, you do something with this blog thing, right? So, what is this whole new thing about blocking blogs?” That was a question posed to me by someone belonging to the fast depleting Bloggera Ignoranta species, rather shocked by the sudden media coverage of the blog ban episode.

For once, all those individuals separated by geography, culture, language, distinct in every possible way, joined only by the single umbilical thread called Blogger suddenly rose in an astounding unison that even makes one wonder if the Government or the blog-unaware section of the public ever expected such a fury.

From the days of just owning a tiny personal space on the vast internet where one searches for a trivial gratification with his daily rants, Blogging has evolved into not just a major medium of information exchange, but a closely knit community in itself. A tiny glitch somewhere within this community doesn’t escape the fiery eyes of the co-Bloggers, joining together and standing up to brave the force. The infamous IIPM controversy was one such example. And now, with the Government and the ISPs getting themselves into a quandary, it was time for another jolt. You punch us, we write back! And we know who is winning this game!

Desipundit carried a continuous update of all the breaking news and views about the issue and what Bloggers from all over the country had to say. iFaqeer, a Blogger from Pakistan in his Indian Blog Ban: Pakistani Blogosphere Reaches Out, reaches out to the Indian bloggers. And in his The Great Indian Blog Ban says,

For the second time in a week, we Pakistanis pray for our friends to the East…

The first time was the Mumbai blasts, this time for his fellow Indian Bloggers. Well, in Blogging it doesn’t matter where you are or what you do, all that matters is this amazingly unified mindset.

Indian Blogs are a part of the Don’t Block the Blog campaign as a mark of reaching out to their counterparts when the Pakistani Government banned blogs. Now, when their fellow Indian bloggers are confronted with something similar, the Pakistani Blogging community helps us with this nifty little piece of code to access blocked blogs. And that did bring wide smiles to everyone in the Indian blogosphere.

From its humble Personal-Space-on-the-Web beginnings, Today, Blogging is a religion. Today, it’s a community that dares to raise its voice. It’s a society that stands by its people. It’s a medium that reaches out in times of need. And trying to curb such a medium, only results in the retaliating fury that was evident over the last three days. NDTV retorted with this headline in their 9’O clock news – Bloggers furious over ban. And have this on their web site,

Just two to three days after bloggers couldn’t access their blogs, an RTI has been filed suggesting how seriously they are taking the blocking of their personal space.

NDTV also has this recent news item, Indian bloggers get help from Pak

It is said that the test of a true friendships is when one is in trouble or needs help.  Now as Indian Bloggers find themselves in a spot of bother, help is coming from an unexpected corner.

Needless to say, the ban is already on its way to be lifted, and many Bloggers have already been able to access blogs. Well, for the Blogger, Blogging is very much of a daily routine. It’s what makes his day. It’s what he identifies himself with. And a ban on his blog is a ban on himself. As Savitha notes ,

I blog, I check blogs, and therefore I am.

Blogging is a revolution which is just beginning to make its presence felt. And WE are at the forefront of this great revolution.

Here’s to all my Fellow Bloggers! We ROCK!!


14 Responses to “We, The Bloggers”

  1. \m/ I am happy for importing all my posts from Blogger to WordPress.. time we all had back ups..

  2. 2 Sailaja

    Very very well put!

    Thanks Prat for introducing me to this space. :)

  3. 3 Asma

    Yup seems like the two pakistani and indian govts have preety nasty feelings about blogspot … as major blogging world survives thru blogger … so surfing blogs become hard …!

    Nice blog !

  4. 4 Kishore

    Backups are nice. But bless us techies, Govt cannot compete with hackers.

    Welcome. :) And thanks Prat.

    Thanks for dropping by Asma. :)

  5. Does the govt. imagine blogging can stop terrorists? How many more blogging services are available…!! Jeez.. trust our govt to come up with crap like this!

  6. 6 padma

    why did the ban happen in the first place?were we bloggers such a powerful force?

  7. 7 Kishore

    Simple. The Govt wanted to play the Big Brother with all the naive ideas about what blogging was about! And then they ate their own pie.

  8. 8 mahen

    Kishore, dont play the hardball. The government’s directive was to block only a few sites and blogs. Just 17 if I am right. The govt didnt ask for blocking or banning blogs altogether. It’s the inability of some ISP’s to block a subdomain specifically that resulted in a blanket block of the entire blogspot domain. So, pls dont give wrong cues as if the government wanted to block blogs altogether. :)

  9. 9 Kishore

    So how did every ISP take such a uniform step? Almost entire blogsphere came to a standstill!! When it comes to playing the blame-game Govt is good at it. Talk of diluting RTI in the name of removing “ambiguity”.

  10. Not all ISPs blocked blogspot. for instance, I learnt that Sify didnt block blogspot. in general, telcos like BSNL, Tata Indicom and so on who are basically telcos and who offered Internet services didnt have the capability to block subdomains as far as my understanding goes. So nt all ISPs blocked blogs.

    Of course I am not a mouth piece of Indian govt. But in this case I didnt find any stealthy motive for the govt to ban blogs altogether.

  11. If govt’s motive was to block blogs altogether, why did it spare wordpress, rediff blogs, and so many other blog service providers?

    So, the underlying fact is that the list of 17 sites/blogs were primarily hosted on blogspot/typepad and so it reulted in the blockage of the entire domain.

  12. 12 prat

    You are very welcome, Kishore.

  13. 13 Kishore

    >> blogs were primarily hosted on blogspot/typepad and so it reulted in the blockage of the entire domain.

    You are right. Like, bamapachyderm.com, mypetjawa.mu.nu, mypetjawa.mu.nu were all hosted on blogspot.

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