So, I drove…


With a chill wind cutting across the ears, I got behind the wheel. The instructor’s words directing my eyes around the controls, I pulled myself back to sit up straight and ensured my legs felt comfortable.

Another gush of chill morning wind pierced through the open window as I gripped the fingers around the wheel and focused the eyes at a point on the muddy road ahead. Like the knight in shining armor wielding a glistening sword ready for the kill, I contracted my pupil and narrowed the brow in an expression of intense concentration. I moved my hand to the side of the wheel and turned on the ignition. The gears, the clutch, the brakes, the road ahead, the eyes, the concentration, and the engine suddenly sprang to life. Yo! Here we Go!

The car stuttered, the engine coughed and switched off. Drat! Something went wrong. A chink in the armor. There seemed to be a deafening silence all around as I paced my eyes over the dashboard and the controls and the mind began making rapid calculations trying to find the flaw. I heard my eyeballs moving. No. It was the instructor. Telling me what went wrong during the countdown to ignition.

I listened with rapt attention even as I began focusing my eyes on the same point on the muddy road ahead, all set for the second ignition. The gears, the clutch, the brakes, the road ahead, the eyes, the concentration, and the engine sprang to life. Yo! Here we Go, again!

Thus went my first driving lesson. If you get it right the very first time, you haven’t learnt anything. So have I learnt something. Looking out the window in 201, on my way back from the school, the momentum of the car still swayed across the mind. I alighted from the bus and gazed up at the overcast sky. It was a successful Saturday morning. Well, except that I forgot to collect the change from the bus.


8 Responses to “So, I drove…”

  1. 1 Vidya

    So someone is planning on buying a car is it ? Lancer ,Mitsubishi ,Mercedes which one Kishore ??

  2. 2 sangeeta

    vrroooom vroooom vrooom :)

  3. 3 prat

    I learnt to drive only one way: forward!!
    Hope you do better.

  4. 4 mahen

    The way you started this post.. I thought this is also a short story…hehehehe

    Car Driving kathukka ponennu ipdi kooda sollalaamoooo? :)

  5. 5 vijay

    Mahen – ithukku munnadi avan post panninathu ellam kathainnu solriyaa?

  6. 6 mahen

    hahahahaha… LoL, Vijay, yen da ipdi oru kelvi’yai kettu Kichava yosikka vaikirai??? :)

  7. Vidya,
    Buying! But not right now!


    I sure hope so

    Car driving da.. eppadi sonna enna, matter purinjudha illa?

    unakku innum 600 rs anuppala.. niyabagam vechukko…

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