Monday morning smiles…


This week’s Monday morning smiles theme is Weird Tagged. First it was Sanny and then it was Vidya. Well, and I should be writing six weird things about me. (Only six?)

I’m lazy to the core. But I tend to get hyperactive to hide the fact that I’m lazy.

I eat a lot. Especially junk food. A “Sweets at my desk” email that someone at my workplace sends out to the rest of the team always has a post-script “FCFS, before Kishore finishes it.” My 63 kilo weight or my stature is no indication of how much I eat. But oh, I eat a lot.

I have a bad brain. And an awkward memory. I can more-or-less-precisely remember what I was doing this day last year, the previous year. And with a little effort, the previous-previous-year too. But I forgot to pay my credit card bills, which was due yesterday. And I was supposed to have called B last night, and I should have sent that mail this morning, and…

At my workplace, I use the word ‘Amazing’ so much, that people have begun to associate the word with me just as they associate the morning with a sun rise. Once, A, replied to some mail from E with a single word “Amazing”. E replied back to A, “Kishore, what are you doing at A’s desk?”. See what I mean?

If that is not weird enough, then take this – I hardly ever use that word outside of my workplace. Amazing, right?

I asked C and E to tell six weird things about me. “Oh, I can say much more than that” grinned E, accompanied by a bubbly giggle from C. “I know. But six will do for now” I told them. So they sat in my cubicle for the next 30 minutes with an occasional spurt of random words about me, and dismissing each one of them with a not-weird-enough look. After all those 30 minutes, they had managed to say only one weird thing about me. Now, isn’t that weird?


8 Responses to “Monday morning smiles…”

  1. 1 prat


  2. 2 sangeeta

    amazing the lazy bo finally managed to complete the tag .. hmm most likely because he got tagged twice :p

  3. 3 mahen

    And now, M will tell K the seventh weird fact about K: K always uses initial letters of his friends’ names in his blog. M doesn’t understand the logic behind K’s such weird alphabet use to refer to his friends ;-)

    There might be some reason for this alphabet use and I am sure the reason might also be weird enough as the alphabet use ;-)

  4. I think I know one weirdness in him… he always writes only in capital letters.. :p

    Scroll down…

    Now did anyone fall for that??

  5. LOL! :-)

  6. 6 Vidya

    I was expecting more weirder things about you Kishore ;o)

  7. Prat,
    Amazing, right! :)

    I managed nevertheless.. :)

    Heee..hee.. but many people do that…

    May be YOU.


    Best words are those, which are never said. :)

  8. Hi, Got here while browsing Mahen’s blog.
    I guess u r toooooo much influenced by Readers Digest.
    Good to read ur blogs…as I also hv such funny moments at monday mornings.

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